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Present ideas for 7 y.o. boy ??? Rss

I only have girls so have no idea what to buy for a 7 year old boy, so ideas please. She is only going as the boy doesn't have many friends so to be honest I don't really want to spend a lot, maybe $10 - $15 - can I get something decent in that price range?
I'm not sure on the prices but perhaps some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff. My DS is on 5 but he is into them. Maybe 7yo are too?

Or Ben 10...
I was going to say a small lego set too, or there's things called Lego Hero Factory, they're around $15.

You can also get some good boardgames and puzzles for under $15.

Thanks ladies, I'm thinking I might go check out the board games and such in Big W. It's hard though as this kid is a real ratbag, running amuk all the time, so I have no idea what would keep him entertained!
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