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Frustrated with 6 year old- suggestions please!! Rss

Hi all,
We have a gorgeous nearly 6 year old, nearly 11mnth old and I'm currently early pregnancy too.
My son is driving me crazy at the moment!!! To be fair,I'm probably more frustrated at myself but would love some suggestions from others who have been there before too!

He's in his 2nd year at school (grade 1) but is nearly a year younger than many in his class. He's coping fine with the work but his attention & concentration are awful! He seems to get in trouble, mostly from not concentrating or trying to be funny and chatting too much. It's endless- but frustrating because when he behaves well, he's brilliant and his work is amazing!
At home,I feel like I'm constantly annoyed a him! It feels horrible! I'm forever repeating myself, or telling him off about something. He says things he knows would get him into trouble. I know I need to just let things go a bit and I want to get our relationship back on track. He's a good kid really & sometimes I probably expect too much of him. I wonder if a lot of it is attention seeking.

I'm thinking along the lines of one on one time & some charts/rewards... And somehow getting myself to calm down a bit!! What's worked for you?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!
He sounds a little bit like my nephew when he was at school. Without sounding offensive is it possible he has maybe adhd?

My nephew was diagnosed with it. He couldn't concentrate at school and mucked up all the time and got into trouble. My sister & her hubbie were constantly going up to the school. He was very smart but just couldnt get it together. My nephew has always been a foul mouthed smart ass as well. He turned 17 yesterday and is still causing major problems in their household. His father refused to get any help for him.

Having said that my ds is a nightmare at home behaviour wise. I have just had him checked out and he doesn't have ad/adhd or autism. He also has the attention span of a pea. He has a severe speech & language delay as well. My little guy is 3 1/2yrs. I am now on my 2nd counciller to try and help with his behaviour at home. Away from home & me & hubbie my ds is totally the opposite. Well behaved etc etc.

I have a chart on the fridge. If he behaves well he gets a smiley & after say 5 he gets a treat eg. park. I also have about 4 plastic plates with smiley face, angry face, grumpy face, normal face. I have a peg on the normal face and by the end of the day if it is on the smiley face then he gets another smiley on the fridge.

I do also still yell at my ds all day long. It wears me down. Have tried time out chair. Not go. Time out in bedroom is not really working. I do praise him when he does good. And I also try and spend a bit of time each day with him doing stuff one on one as he seems to want 24hr attention. He slowly getting his words and sentences now & is now back answering us and telling us what to do. Still working on that one. Sorry probably haven't been much help. I hope you get things sorted. xx

Makes me wonder if he may be finding school a bit boring. Try challenging him more, perhaps he is quite bright and needs to get his brain working harder

Aka G&L smile

The teacher is a bit of a nightmare, I'm communicating with her but to be honest she is in a different world completely! and her confidentiality practices are terrible so I don't like saying too much.
He's definitely not bored at school. He's just very easily distracted, he's not hyper or anything.
Reward charts have worked well in the past with him too but like you said that is for specific behaviours. I'm trying to think of ways to talk to him, spend time with him & work on his focus.

At home, I need some techniques probably more for me than him!! I think boredom might be a factor at home. We're moving soon to a bigger place so he can actually be outside to play, maybe a trampoline or something. (we're in a complex here and he has no outdoor space)
have you thought about a learning pad? like leap frog? or an ipad? for focus purposes.

My daughter has a learning pad and she can sit there for ages as everytime she does something on it its different, its never the same and if she is good that is when she gets it, so its almost a reward.

Oh and lego works wonders!! stimulates and focus them for hours.
That's a great idea! ive wondered about the leapfrog type things!
I'm trying to encourage lego a bit more- hes never Been that enthusiastic about it. He's starting to enjoy it a little more now that he older. a friend has got him some new stuff for his birthday so hopefully that will help too.
the leap frog things are awesome! plus you can take it when you go out and keep them occupied while at a friends place or at the cafe. It works wonders and they get soo excited.
Whats leap frog all about?

Thanks Littlemiss. xx

You say you need help for yourself to keep calm? I have some ideas i was recently given by a professional.

- acknowledge your feelings aloud. Not to a child but even if you just step outside and say "arg Im so frustrated right now, what am i going to do about this? Sigh Im just so cranky"

- do something different. Get up and move to a different room of the house and do something there or go for a walk/drive, eat something and so on

- ask for help. Call a friend for a chat or see if someone can come for a coffee.

I hope that helps. Just a few things that if your having a moment you can try to switch your emotions.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Very good suggestions, thank you.
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