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So sick of hearing "no" .... Rss

Just venting really. Seems nearly every evening we are in a cranky house at the moment. DD1 who is 6 1/2 will not do anything we want and it's driving me bonkers! I know, I know, she's a kid, but surely she should be quite capable of a few chores around here. We've tried the reward charts which last maybe a week or two, then back to normal. Try withdrawal of things, doesn't work. Try helping her, she ends up stopping thinking I'll finish for her.

How would you get your child of this age to do a few things to help if they'd never really been very good at keeping up with it?
That's the thing, I don't ask her to do much around here at all! Not actual chores anyway. I'm struggling just to get her to get herself dressed, clean her teeth, and pack her bag in the mornings!

This morning was hell too, I got so sick of asking her to get dressed. I ended up driving her to school as I threatened her 3 times that if she didn't get dressed we would be driving instead of riding her scooter (which she looooooves to do). So after 3 times of warning her I put my foot down, said we were driving and she bawled for about 30 minutes!! Just does my head in
Thanks, but I've tried charts too. They usually last a couple of weeks & then we're back to square one. Last chart age even helped me make it, chose what things to put on it, and was super excited about it. Didn't last though
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