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Well I'm currently supposed to be baking some buttermilk scones for DS1's class because they have a grandparents morning tea tomorrow morning. I even went through the trouble of dragging the 3 kids into the shops after school this afternoon to buy the last of the ingriedients.

Wasn't till I actually went to make the damn things that I realised I had forgottent to get the shopping out of the boot. Decided it wasn't a good idea to risk making the entire class sick by using the buttermilk that had been sitting in the car for the last four and a half hours.

Would have made something else, but we were running low on milk today and so had to restock on that at the same time. Not only was that 6L of milk down the drain it was the 2nd time in less then one week that I have grabbed the milk out of the boot only to discover that it had a major leak in it and had leaked all through the boot.....we had only just managed to get rid of the god horrible smell from last time.

Looks like I'll be doing a quick dash to the shops tomorrow morning to buy something pre-made.....bloody baby brain tongue

I've been shocking this pregnancy. Even forgotten my own name a couple of times....that's always a bit awkward laugh

unique1 wrote:
Thats not too bad I went to put my dog out and had him under my arm then went to put him out then realized my son was under my arm not my dog he was around 10-11mnths at the time can you imagine trying to explain to my neighbours why he was outside if I hadnt of realized as it was 4.30 5.0 in the morning

laugh lol, ok you win. Good thing you realised in time grin

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