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Anyone with kids her go to Waldorf Steiner Schools? Some Questions? Rss

Afternoon Ladies,

Just wondering if any of you send your children to Waldorf Steiner Schools? If you do I would love for you to share you kids experiences with the schools and also the cost you pay for schooling? Is there a long wait for getting in?

ATM I home school my girls but I'm looking at in a few years maybe sending them to a Steiner School. I love the way they teach and how kids are treated more as individuals.

Thanks in advance smile

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Hey there,
I was thinking of sending mine here but have decided against it and gone with homeschooling and just use the Steiner influences. I was told by the school there was a waiting list and I would need to put my girls names down asap to have a chance to get in. (dd1 would have been 1.5 when I first started looking at it.) So depending where you are there may be a wait list. Preferences were given to those with siblings or parents at the school.

We did the playgroup so we could get the feel of it all and see if that was where we wanted to head. The playgroup was beautiful, I loved the gentleness and the methods. there were some things though that I wasn't particularly keen on. Things like the restrictions in regards to wearing hats/shoes. They had to wear them. Clothing was to be a solid colour, no brands etc. The restrictions in use of colour in art in the older grades. Not encouraging them to read before 7. (they don't start teaching it until then, but I was an early avid reader and it looks like dd1 is headed the same way.) I also fond there was a certain competitive element amongst parents, who was more Waldorfy....that kind of thing.

From memory the fees were something like $5000 a year.

There are also other options that may be available to you if you like the child led learning aspect, such as Montessori or maybe an independant school. Also look at any teeny tiny little schools that may be near you as they may have a similar sort of child led style without the waldorfy spiritual aspect.
maybe somewhere like this

independant schools Tassie
Thanks OC for your insights As Usual you are a Gem xx

I was looking at the Steiner schools in SA for when we move there in a few years. I had a little look online at the Willunga Waldorf School, the Mt Barker Waldorf and the one based in Adelaide.
I did have a feeling it would be hard to get the kids into the school due to long waiting lists plus the priority given to older siblings.
My girls are loving home schooling atm I just thought as they get older they may enjoy the Waldorf Steiner approaches to schooling. AHHHHHH it's hard to know what to do I just know I don't particularly want them going to a mainstream high school.
OC can you tell me how hard the criteria is to get approved in SA to home school? In Tasmania I have found the approval process Great They are Very Supportive to Natural Learning and Very Supportive to us implementing the Waldorf Steiner ideals. Not that we follow it exclusively. ATM I believe the most important thing for my girls to learn is Reading Writing and Maths.
Thank you again for your Reply smile xxx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

If its in a few years time, you would probably get in no worries. If you put your name on the lists now, you could always decide down the track. I think it was something like a $50 fee for going on the wait list for Mt B. I think Mt barker only go up to yr 10 and that has only been recently I think. Not sure what ages you are looking at, but if you want them to go to a waldorf high school I would probably head for a school that does include it. In the hills there are only a few options for high school and they aren't great. I didn't want to send them to a waldorf primary school and a mainstream high school as they are just so different. I didn't think it was fair.

I don't think you will have any trouble getting approval. Basically, if you register you get a visit from the education dept once a year. The woman who does it has a farm up the road from us and she is just lovely. She homeschooled her own kids for a while. I haven't registered yet, but according to those who have, she is very good at translating your stuff into edubabble to take back to the dept. She is very supportive of homeschooling and also of peoples choices and methods. SA doesn't require a lot in terms of evidence or record keeping. They basically just want to see an appropriate learning environment, chat to you about your goals and then some kind of proof you are doing something. So whether you show her some workbooks, a blog, photos etc. I think some people do a one page overview. They don't want very much, unlike some other states.

Your kids probably would love the steiner approach, I think mine would respond very well to it too. There were a few things that I found negative, but I don't know that individually they were deal breakers. Just that the combination of them and the cost was the clincher. I couldn't justify paying so much money for it, especially when I am planning to be working from home and could easily incorporate the same things into our lives. We also want about 4 kids so paying that much for schooling and knowing it will increase, we just couldn't do it.....

There are some independant schools in SA too. This one in particular springs to mind.
They are a little school and also run homeschool workshops. They offer 1 or 2 days a week where hs kids can go for the day. When kids go is flexible. So you have the option of part time homeschool if you want, full time school or full time homeschool. There is a pretty big hs community though, so you will find there are groups everywhere no matter where you live. I also believe down at Yankalilla they also run hs workshops through the school. That one is something like you register and you are required to go to 7 or 10 days throughout the term or year or something like that. You can either go to the workshops or justy go to the camp at the end. Parents can also be part of the day so its more of a family learning environment. given you are looking a few years down the track, I would just keep your options open. Put your name down at the schools and by that time you will have a feel for what you are after. it will work out! xxx
Thank you hun So Very Helpful smile xx. If it's ok can I PM you to chat about it more in a few days when I have more time?

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

I Love My Babes wrote:
Thank you hun So Very Helpful smile xx. If it's ok can I PM you to chat about it more in a few days when I have more time?
course you can!
Hi ladies, I'm wondering what ended up happening for you both? OC are you still homeschooling in SA? I Love my Babes, did you choose end up opting for a Steiner School? I'm having a crisis regarding what to do for my eldest child, who is turning 5 next year. I don't want him in a mainstream school, so I've been looking into Steiner, which has elements that I love and others I don't go so much on... Feeling a bit lost about what to do, as I don't feel prepared or qualified to homeschool in any meaningful way. Any feedback would be a great start, and much appreciated. Thanks, Courtney.
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