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First day of school Rss

I'm sure this topic has already been done, but I've now said goodbye to my eldest at school for the first time so felt the need to share! She was great, no tears or anything, nor from me ..... lol

Some of the others mums and I went out for coffee afterwards (and in my case a big fat piece of cheesecake ....) to celebrate / commiserate.

Now I've put my youngest to bed and am watching a dvd with my feet up .... I have a mountain of stuff like cleaning and cooking that I should be doing but they can wait
Congratulations on not crying! I'm sure I'll be more anxious than my children, probably a sobbing mess lol

That's great that she didn't get upset, its got to make it a lot easier on you.

Well a new chapter begins. Oh and I'd be putting my feet up too if I were you!
My DD is at her 2nd day at school but it is a phasing in so only 2 and a half hrs. Tomorrow is her 1st full day so I think I will be "celebrating" then. I must admit I did have a little cry and DH just laughed at me.
Make sure you do have a you day, for at least the first day, you have 14 more years to do the housework while she is at school.
Hope your little one has a great day at school and enjoy your dvd. Your cleaning will always be there. And I hope that cheesecake tasted yum smile
DD1 started end Jan (QLD) and is loving it!

Although I think the reality of 5 days a week is starting to sink in and she is very tired and emotional in the afternoons.

Good on you for taking some time to yourself, very well deserved.

Hoping she loves her class and teacher, and you do too! smile

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