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What should I do with DS1? Rss

It must be hard to deal with and even harder for him to be feeling like that. You might already, but I'd be talking to him in heaps of detail about what to expect. From who will be there, what other people will be doing and try to relate it to something he knows and is familiar with. (like at school/grandma's house etc)

I'd also give him strategies of what he can do while he is there. Like you can play with jack, or eat some food from the table, or sit with Mummy, or play with the toys by yourself if you like. And then when you get there, go through it again and ask him which of the things he would like to do. Sounds like you'd need to sit with him while he does whatever he chooses too.

Would probably help for him to have a little bag of his own things he likes to do, so he can sit and read/play with a car/eat whatever so if he's anxious he can do that and not feel pressured to 'do' anything if he doesn't want to.

He might choose to sit with you the whole time, and that's ok too, cause he'll be learning what goes on in that situation (birthday party school etc). I'd also point out afterwards that jack (or whoever his friend is) looked like he had fun playing didn't he. So he learns that the world doesn't end if you join in. I might actually be fun.

So in short, 1 tell him what to expect, 2, tell him what he can do, 3 help him do it by talking him through it and giving him strategies.
Do you thinkit may be possible that he is Aspergers personality type? Google it, my nephew has it and he has great difficulty in social situations.....
If he's not having any trouble at school, he must be doing pretty well, and I wouldn't worry too
While he might not be on the Austism Spectrum Disorder, the websites for that might have some good ideas on what to do to help.
My neice doesn't have ASD either, but has some social anxiety. The guidance officer at school helped them. She told her not to keep a diary or talk about it too much, because it just made her focus on her worries. This was once she was about 8. Maybe the school might have some ideas too, espcially for the start of the new school year next year.
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