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Really need some help =( Rss

My Ds has just turned 5 and is generally quite a sensitive little boy, but can easily control his emotions smile

I had a baby 3 weeks ago which has beena huge change for him, his kindy structure has changed, started school visits, he had grommets put in his ears and has been unwell.

He is not coping with all these changes at all and i am at a loss of how to help him. He had a bad first school visit yesterday and when i dropped him at kindy today (which he normally loves) he freaked out. He was screaming and crying. I left him there and they rang half an hour later to say he had calmed down and was fine.

I just feel so sorry for him and have no idea how to help him. Any ideas?
Poor little man, all I can think of is spending more time with him, which is hard especially with a newborn. Set aside some time each day that he knows is just for him and you, even if that means he gets to stay up a bit later at night. Also maybe you could write up the weekly routine for him and before he goes to bed each night you can show him what is going to be happening the next day and have a chat about it.

Next time he goes to his school visit are you able to stay with him? We had that option with DD last year but she did fine without me I just waited in the staff room so she knew I was close by if she needed me.
TBH with all that I'd probably be keeping him home from school for a couple of days, or only send alternate days or have him do a half day and pick him up a lunch time. Is the difficulty with school since the grommets went in or only since the baby? My boy went a bit funny with his teachers after his first set were put in. The change in his hearing was so huge, he couldn't understand why they kept shouting! I had to explain that they were just talking normally and they weren't cross at anyone, but he wasn't used to it because his ears weren't working properly for so long.
poor little fella - sounds like he's had a whole lot of stuff happening all at once! sad

If I were you I'd talk to your kindy about dropping his time there back for a few weeks - perhaps just going 1 half day a week..

It sounds like it would be good for him to feel safe and get into a routine at home, rather than having him have the new home life, as well as go to kindy and deal with a pretty full on session, to then also have school visits and then back home!
Plus grommets?

Wow!! That's a lot for a little tacker to have to cope with.. sad

The more I write, the more I think that having him home for a break would be a good idea sleep

if he's settling ok once at school then keep sending him my kids have been to kindy since they were 18mnths (youngest now 5) and she still has her sooking but once i leave she's fine and happy ... just try to keep him in a routine as much as possiable if hes not coping at kindy maybe send him half days for a while or something but maybe also try just having u and him time where u go park or somewhere for a hour or so 1 arvo a week hope it all settles down for u soon ! x
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