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How long till my 6yo's new front teeth come in??? Rss

My 6yo lost his two front teeth at the start of the year... He is now loosing his bottom two and still there is no sign of the top two coming through! Is this normalto take months? Its been almost half a year! How long should i wait before becoming concerned???

Mum to 3 boys

I would say its normal. One of my ds front teeth had taken 1.5years to come through and he is nearly 10yrs old! It will eventually come through but if your worried, take him to the dentist smile
wow... over a year? ok, well that givs me a little peace of mind. thanx

Mum to 3 boys

some teeth take along time to come threw anywhere from a few weeks to 2 years.
although if it dosn't come threw i suggest getting an xray from the dentist, to make sure the adult teeth are there as you may need to get fake teeth put in to fill the holes. i was born with only 5 adult teeth im now almost 22 with most of my baby teeth, although i have a dentist appointment on the 30th as the other day a tooth that im not even ment to have according to xrays has started to cut out the side of my gum!!!
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