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I was just wondering what other parents told their older children, how do you get babies?? Im pregnant and dd1 keeps asking, i have been avoiding the subject because I really dont know what to say.
How old is she? I would just be honest (hard i know!) but monitor what you tell her depending on her age...start with something really simple and leave it at that and she might be satisfied with that answer, or she might ask more questions so you might need to tell her a bit more.

There is a cool book called "mummy laid an egg" by Babette Cole which kids love and deals with it in a factual but cute way smile
When I was pregnant with number 3, my son who was 4 at the time asked me how the baby gets in the belly, all I said was that it just starts growing there, and it has to stay there until it's big enough to come out. He then said "does it only happen when you're in love (with a little giggle)", I said yes. He then asked how it gets out - and I was honest with him then, and said "most babies come out of the mums vagina, but sometimes doctors have to cut the mums belly's to get the baby out - that's what happened when you came out", he then said "But that's mean of the doctors", hehe.
my son got told all the ins and outs by some little darling when he was 5 in real uncoth terms maybe he could have a chat with her....

we just told him when mummy and daddy love each other they decide they would want another baby..... and ummmm am ashamed to say this but we are catholic and when he asked how it got in there we just said God put it in there unsure blink huh didn't work so well after the little darling at school told him so when we had the last baby he asked did we have to do the you know the thing! wink

just tell her on a need to know basic..... i had a book call there is a house in mummys tummy....
My DS who is 4 has asked me how do babies get out of mummies bellies. I have told him that the doctors cut him out of my tummy and I showed him my c-section scar. He then asked did it hurt and I told him only a little bit because the doctors gave me heaps of medicine to help. He then asked how did he get in there (in my tummy). I told him that when Mummy's and Daddy's love each other a baby grows. Thankfully he accepted that.

Maybe just try to briefly answer your DD's question and leave it at that. Hopefully she will accept your answer and that will be it but is she has any more questions just try to answer them as honestly as you can without giving away any more detail then what she is content with. I don't believe in telling kids things like the stork brings them etc BUT I also think they don't need to know the nitty gritty when they will be happy with a simple explaination if that makes sense????
I am a firm believer in telling the truth, age appropriate of course. So when DS asked how the baby got there, I told him that because mummy and daddy love each other so very much we were able to make the baby. He was happy with that and didn't ask how we did that!
I have told my oldest DD, who is 7, that babies grow from a little seed inside the tummy, and my two oldest DD's know that babies either come out of the fanny (which I called bum when they were younger), or they get cut out of the tummy. When they asked how the seed gets in the tummy, I told them I would tell them when they are a bit older. My DD1 has watched birthing shows before, when I was pregnant with DD4, with me, and so she has a fairly good idea of how they come out!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

My parents bought me siblings and I a booked called "The Facts of Life". It was a pop-up book that told you all about how babies are made and formed etc. It was the best book ever! I even took it to school in the 2nd Grade for Show and Tell! smile

I think it's important for children to know the correct names of body parts and I think they should be told about it by around age 4/5. Sure they might not understand it compeltely but body awareness is a good thing for children.
We intend to be completely honest & open with DS about anything he asks or we feel it is time for him to know.

He has known the parts of the body since before he was 2, by their correct names. We feel honesty is the best policy. But that is for us.

Everyone has their own ideas etc, so whatever you jointly decide to do is your decision. smile
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