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My 5.5 yr old is a really routine child... has been since he was born. Whenever we take him to a new place or a new experience, he has a meltdown. First time at playgroup, first visit to Kindy, first time at Mainly Music, first visit to school, first Wiggles concert, first time at Sat morning soccer etc. He just cries and tells us he doesn't want to be there. Of course with playgroup, Kindy and school, we persisted and he is fine after a few days/visits. However it makes things like Wiggles concerts, sports days etc just a big waste of time, cos they are once offs.

Anyone else had this problem with their child? He loves sport, like playing it at home and watching it on TV... DH has taken him to a Baseball show day this morning and he has been having a meltdown ever since they arrived. I hope he will warm up to it but poor DH. Is there anything we can do to change his behaviour and reaction to new experiences? Is it a matter of persisting? I dread taking him to new things even though I know it is good for building his confidence and just making him an all rounded child.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, he has a younger brother and a younger sister... so he is the eldest. My DS2 is not like this at all. Maybe it's a first child thing? Or a personality thing? I would understand it more if we left him at a new place but with the Wiggles concert, playgroup and other sports events, we are there with him. Anyway, my DH just texted to tell me he has settled down after the initial meltdown and is having fun - phew!

I guess it's something he will hopefully grow out of... it's just us persisting with involving him in new experiences and sports teams etc. despite the meltdown.

A friend of mine who works in childcare has said that maybe we could talk about it a bit before we go to anything or any place that is new to him. Show him pictures and just familiarise him as much as possible.

Thanks again for sharing.
Oh I really know what you mean! I was so happy for him to be able to go to Sat morning soccer... a friend of my DH actually invited Brayden along to her son's club and he just cracked it the whole time sad so we never went back. It was end of the season but I was so sure he would love it as he can't stop kicking the ball around at home! We will have to try again this winter.

Yeah, my DS1 starts school next week with a new teacher and I've been worrying about it but thankfully a lot of his friends are in the same class as him so hopefully he will settle in fine. Yes, we are hoping to start him in swimming lessons this coming term... hoping he will be ok. DH is taking him so he will have to deal with any meltdowns... although he has loved it when we take him to the pools... so hopefully he won't feel too scared.

Yeah, I think he is scared and just out of his comfort zone. Whereas we adults deal with it differently and often quietly, kids are more vocal I guess. sad

Good luck with your DS. Hope they do grow out of it.

unfortunately I don't really have any suggestions, but was wondering about a few things. My year old DD sometimes melts down, but not fot the same things... do your children do it about anything else?

She will scream for up to an hour and a half sometimes over the littlest things (like cleaning her room) saying she doesn't know how to do it (which she does) and just generally carrying on.

I like to think i know how to handle children, I am a kindergarten teacher, but it is totally different with my own daughter. She has a younger brother (2.5) and sometimes they play so well together, they can go off and play quietly for hours, and other times she just yells at him for no reason! I am really running out of ideas, my husband as well.

Do you have any suggestions of things to try or have you ever experienced this?

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