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lifes so unfair Lock Rss

lifes so unfair, 5 years ago DP was in a relationship with someone (they were on and off for a long time) she fell pregnant and 4 years ago had a beautiful little girl. for the first year things went fine (they were'nt a couple anymore) but DP was allowed to see his DD, then ever so slowly the mother stopped letting him see his DD. by 2 she didn't even know who my DP was and that he was her real daddy. the mother has since had another girl to another man and is now pregnant with her 3rd child to the same guy. i feel so sorry for my DP. he doesnt even want to talk about his DD because it breaks his heart. he cant even stand hearing her name. its horrible to watch him break down when someone mentions her or even just her name.

the worst part is my DS is her half brother and she doesnt even know it. i will bring DS up knowing he has an older sister and i will tell him all i know about her.

i just wish life wasnt so unfair an dthe mother would turn a corner and realise her DD needs to know her real daddy and that DP really really wants to be a daddy to her.
i know he misses her like crazy!

our family would be complete if we could see his precious DD.
That is alwful, i hate how mothers put themselves first. GBH for you all.

I know a couple in a similar situation... Just sucks... sad

Hoping things turn around and DD gets to spend time with her REAL daddy...
sad shows her level of maturity huh?!
It annoys me that shes bringing MORE innocent babies into the world!
She will be shocked one day when her DD knows the truth, things will get better, itll just take time. Shes too young to think her 'dad' isnt her REAL dad, but she wont be 4 forever. Its sad you dont get to see her right now though.
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