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3rd child Lock Rss

i am due to have our 3rd child in bout 10 weeks.. and the past few weeks i have noticed that my daughter 5 has been very not herself very clingy and just wanting to be with me all the time... so is there anything that i can do to reassure that it will be all ok and that she isn't going to forgotten bout?????
maybe start telling her hw lucky the baby is to have her as a big sister..... because she is 5 she can do more than the baby.... go to park, coffee shops etc......
Going from 2 to 3 is quite an adjustment.

The chaos factor can only be described as awesome. I told DS1 that everything would be the same, there would just be another baby brother or sister, and he has handled the change beautifully.

DS2 was another story, he was very confronted about the change until he realised that he was still loved and cared for and now he has reverted to a normal 2 year old.

The first three months have been quite ride and now we have a new version of normal and its great.
Good luck with your third and lots of love and cuddles solves most of the transitional problems we have had.
thanks for that we have been telling her that nothing is really going to change other than she will be getting a new brother.... she has been to a few docs app with me and has seen him via the ultrasound machiane thingy.. she has started to go back to her old self now smile
I am glad she is going back to herself....take care of that growing belly and goodluck with your birth.
I have a similar concern - im having my 4th in six weeks. My first two were 20mths apart so there was no problem and when I had my 3rd they were old enough that it wasnt a problem. Im worried abt my youngest, she is 3 1/2 and she has always been very dependant on me. Im not sure how she is going to cope with competition. I always have to do everything for her - she is like my shadow - ive just got her to the stage where I can go to the toilet by myself.
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