I am so over my 5yr olds mega meltdowns and find them really hard to deal with, we dont smack and I try really hard not to yell and ignore but they go on for a long time over the littlest things, normally have 1 or 2 a day.

She still has to do what the tanty is about like today we were at a restraunt and she kept running and squealing, gave her warnings but she didnt care so we left, screamed and fought all the way to the car, wouldnt sit down, wouldnt put her belt on screamed all the way home, wouldnt get out of the car etc
this happens quite alot and everytime she ends up doing what she is ment to anyway so would be nice to loose the drama and just do it in the first place.

she never used to be like this only in the last month or so, sometimes I feel like I want to just give her away