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What would you do if you found Lock Rss

Would you read it?

Just wanting to know what others think of this as I don't have a teenage daughter yet... this is about a friend of mine.

personally i couldn't do it, i would like to think if any thing is bothering my teenage child that he or she would come to me & tell me no matter what or ask close family member or friend to talk to them see if they can help the teenage in question

reading someones diary is really private & wrong thing to do
As the mum of 2 teenage daughters and stepmum to another teenage girl, I'd have to say I wouldn't read it UNLESS I had some very serious concerns about any changes in behaviour.

The general day to day teenage angst....hating parents, school, etc...wouldn't bother me as that's normal, but a major change like moods, friends, being very secretive etc would ring alarm bells for me.

If I did read it and found no cause for concern then I wouldn't even mention that I'd found it, but if there was mentions of drug use, drink driving, sexual abuse etc, then I'd have to do something even if it was only talking to someone else outside the family that I know my girls are comfortable confiding in.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I agree with the last poster, I wouldn't do it unless I had some very serious concerns, having said that my kids are only 3 & 2. Also I only kept a diary very sporadically as a teenager and my mum gave me the best advice ever, don't write anything in there you don't want anyone else to know as you can never guarantee that someone won't find it and read it.


what benjaminandkalebs mummy said is what i was trying to say.

if something really serious like sexual abuse was occurring and my daughter was writing about it in her diary, or if she was severely depressed and had been contemplating suicide and god forbid did it, i would never forgive myself for "respecting her privacy" if my gut instinct had told me to do otherwise. I would never snoop through my childs diary just to be a snoop. I'd never look out of boredom or curiosity. But if i really believed that something was going on that could jeopardise my childs health and safety, i would not hesitate. I'd rather her hate me and be alive and get help than have something awful happen and i could have stopped it.
oh man i wish my sister kept a diary so i could read it!!! she went fro a happy shy girl who loved guy sebastian and lady bugs to coming home from school ripping down all her posters and only ever wearing black, self harm, suicidal, drug taking underage drinking not to mention instant bitch. we knew what she was doing but we still dont know WHY, it has been 6 yrs since the over night change in her and she has been to coucellors and she will not tell anyone what happened. the councellor has told my mum that it was an incident that occured for the change to have happened so suddenly.

if she kept a diary i would move heaven and earth to read it and get her the help she needs.

so my answer is the same as a lot of others if i had a reason or cause for concern, yes i would read my daughters dairy (or mobile which i think they would have more info in their fone (txts pics etc) than in a diary anyway. that being said i hope to god my daughter and i had a relationship where we can talk about stuff thats worrying her.

aslo i think if u did read their diary u cant them go adn blast them for what they have written.

my mum used to snoop around my room as a teenager.... i just left out the stuff i wanted her to find and hid the rest under the carpet in my room!!!! i pulled it back from the wall and hid stuff underneat it.... also hid stuff in the pockets of stuff hanging in my wardrobe.....

but yes i would say i would read the diary or text messages........

i do sometimes pick up my husbands phone and have a look also..... my husband forgets to tell me stuff for example we have been invited to a bbq or over for dinner or something and we have a standard practise that he leaves the texts like that for me to read... we have come to this because we have missed lots of events that he has not told me about...

i never used to be a snoop but i would now... i was flatting with a girl and knew she kept a diary... short and short of it she hung herself and well she is dead and if maybe i snooped in her diary she still would be here as it was all in there.... not my greatest day that one.... but yes i would snoop now but unless there was something in it that needed addressing i wouldn't say..... or if there was i would steer the conversation around to that topic as i am a born talker....

i would also make my teenager leave their cell phones on the bench after 8.30 at night.... my friend does this and it works wonders for keeping the teenagers safe.
Like someone else said, I wish someone read my diary. Maybe someone who'd be more gentle than my parents, and see me as a hurting child rather than a lying little skank...

I wish so badly someone could have known everything and had the strength to do for me what I couldn't do for myself. Haul me out of that abusive relationship, get me away from my promiscuous friends and stop me drinking, having sex and destroying my soul completely, and to remind me what I could be... to this day, I live with the deepest regret, and very little else from my teenage years. I had a diary, and my parents should have read it. If it helped them put a stop to the absolute mess I made of my life then I'd be forever grateful. They had reason to... I was anorexic at 16, things weren't right.

It's not their fault, and I respect that they didn't.... but if I was forced to confide in them maybe things would have gone a little better for me. So from that experience, if I saw the signs of trouble in my teenager I'd do anything to get to the heart if it. Of course I'd try not to let them know I'd read their diary... if I found something of concern in there I'd find another way to address it. I do think reading their private diary should be an absolute last resort, not something one should ever do out of curiosity - only out of genuine concern.
Sorry, double post!
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