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tired or lazy?? Rss

I am tired all the time. My daughter is 10 weeks old and not quite sleeping through the night.I don't exercise as much as i should, i just don't have the energy.AM I JUST BEING LAZY?? If I got out to exercise regularly will the energy come back?? I piled on 20kgs through my pregnancy, Could the weight gain be a factor? Does anyone have advice for me??
Same boat as you. If you get an answer let me know smile
I think mine is eating habits as well trying to fine the balance when BF and not moving much but eating enough to get the energy I need to feed and stay awake. Try a small walk to start off with each day and see how that makes you feel. It's more the thought that puts me off but once I am out I am fine. I hope your the same. Good luck.
Totally sounds familiar! My friends and I call it 'the fog' that you are in after you have a baby. Your body needs to recooperate, your hormones aren't back to normal yet, and sleep deprivation can throw you for a loop too! Try to think positively and accept that you might be up in the night for a while still. This can help to take the focus off lack of sleep, as worrying about how little sleep you have had can be a bit of a downer. Don't compare with anyone else and how well they 'seem' to be coping. Make small goals like maybe pushing your baby in the pram most days. Exercise can release endorphins that give you a positive sense of wellbeing. Go easy on yourself, its early days! All the best smile
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