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How old was your child when they wanted privacy??? Lock Rss

DD1 is 4.5 and is now asking to shower alone (she is fine with me or DH washing her hair and that but doesn't want her little sis in t here with her) and is wanting to get dressed in the bathroom or her room instead of the loungeroom.....
At swimming she now asks to get dressed in the change room rather than the foyer (small private pool and most kids get changed in the foyer area)

We have respected her wishes of course but just curious as to what ages other kids do this? DS never cared, at 5.5 he still thought it was hilarious to run out after a shower and do a 'willy wiggle' (some boys never grow out of that!! LOL)
lol love the willie wiggle comment smile

ds1 is just starting to get dressed in his room.. though doesn't do it that often.. usually if we have visitors or he doesn't bother to get his jamies before a bath... though they still bath together and i usually shower while they are in the bath cause its easier lol.. and i hate late showers

maybe girls notice it a bit more?

ds has only just started closing the door when he is showering or dressing. He is 8. But has no issue whatsoever standing in the vacinity of DH or I when we are showering or dressing. He doesnt bat an eyelid

Beginning my work from home adventure

DS1 ia 3 next month and likes the toilet door shut when doing #2's. He also doesnt like me dressing him and doesnt like me having a shower with him anymore.
Which I know he's getting to old, but it was nice just to throw him and DS2 in with me and DF dress them on easy nights.
Our oldest is now 14 and has only just started wanting proper privacy. Whereas before hand would hop in the shower happily while some of the little ones where bathing. And would hop out and talk to us with just a towel on or do a nudie run to the bedroom.

None of the others yet are requesting to the left alone to dress or bathe. Theyre 8,7,6 & 3yrs old.

Im fairly private and like to be left alone when showering & dressing so its certainly not a trait they have picked up from me. haha.
I always taught my daughter to be private and discreet something I got from my mother. She is very comfortable with herself and is also comfortable around me. I was the one who started to give her privacy as I feel she is becoming a young woman and should start to be treated as one. I do not go into the bathroom when she is having a shower etc even though she askes me to keep her company. I knock on her bedroom door before entering. Things I would expect from her.

I think your children will guide you as to what they are comfortable with and what boundaries they would like and it is our jobs as the adults to respect this.

My daughter is 11 and she will leave the bathroon door unlocked when showering, so I can reach her if needed, or she can call out to me if she needs anything but it is her space and her call.
Not likely to be respected here when the time comes! Both DH & I come from families with no privacy and losts of nudity around the house.

Not sure what will happen if one of ours starts to want some...
DD is not quite 3 yet and at swimming lessons she is hesitant about getting undressed where people can see her.
once we were running really late so i tried to change her into her swimmers just next to the pool where a few other toddlers and parents were waiting to hop in and she got all self conscious and didnt want people to see her. unsure not sure if thats a good thing or not?!
DS is almost 5.5, and he is only just starting to show signs of wanting privacy - he now shuts the toilet door when he's going, and if we have visitors he goes to his bedroom to get undressed/dressed. But when it's just us, he still does the "willy wiggle" and runs around naked!
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