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Both my sister,myself, my niece and my SIL went to Montessori. They are fantastic preparation for school and everyday life. They don't just work on a few principles but work on all 5 sences of a child. Alot of the activities therefore are structured around developing all kinds of different skills. Fine motor skills are really focused on. When I left at 5 I could read and write and I was dyslexic. If they have a follow on primary school I would not put my child into this as it isn't as structured as normal school. The child chooses the activity they are going to do - rahter than the teacher directing them into something.
I would love to put my DS into one and would do it tomorrow however the closest one to us is over an hours drive =(
I would highly reccomend them. If you would like any more info please feel free to PM me.
a girl I used to know sent her kids there and I have never seen such insolent kids the son who was about 7 just came in the kithen demanding milo and then as he changed his mind just opened his mouth and just made it flow out of his mouth and said yuk that is my sole exprience but dh when he was doing his teacher training had to visit a preschool for some obscure reason( he was doing high school teaching LOL) so he went there and was not impressed by the lack of structure or guidance by the teachers
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