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Hayfever Question Rss

My 10yo DS suffers badly from hayfever and needs to practically live on antihistamines which is why Im posting this question.

I dont want my son to rely so heavily on these drugs if possible and are considering taking him to the Dr or naturopath for alternatives.

Has anyone seen a Dr or naturopath who could help ease the problem another way.


My 9 year old has exactly the same issue. At present the A/H he is on are making him very drowsy. Our doctor has sent a referral to have him allergy tested. Now i just have to wait for the appointment.

If i have no luck with finding something that doesn't make him drowsy i wil be looking towards other alternative medicines ie. naturopath/homeopath.

Good luck and i hope someone can be more helpful as i will be keeping an eye on this thread.


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