I'm a 22 yrs old just about to get married to the man I love who a son from a previous relationship who is almost 4. I have been raising this child 50/50 since he was 1 and love him like my own.

My partner cheated on me with his ex as well, circumstances were bad and yes it almost killed me, she even ended up preggars from the 5 min deed. (she M/C at 10 wks).

It was the worst time of my life, and my partners and yes every time i saw his son, I saw her and what they had done and it was awful, the daydreams were so vivid and real,

but you know, I could not take it out on my stepson because it was not his fault. He did not do anything wrong.

In saying that it took me a long time to accept and move forwards, a bit of counselling and a whole lot of love and support from everybody.

My partner was a changed man after it happened and still is nearly 18 months later, he realised what he could miss out on with me and it woke him up and honestly, I believe it was the best thing for our relationship. It is now based on friendship, honesty and respect for each other and im pleased to say we are getting married in 3 weeks and I'm also 6 weeks pregnant.

It takes a long time for the hurt and pain to disappear, even if the reasons were somewhat understandable, but just keep remembering that your stepchild did not do it to you, it was your husbands and the X's fault.

Children need love and understanding from as many people as they can get, and it will continue to be hard, but remember it can become a positive thing in the future and make you a more happier and stable family, all of you together.

email me anytime for a chat at brooke_here@hotmail.com

I understand what you are going through completely and 100%