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4yo not ready for school/prep QLD - HELP Rss

My 4y.o boy is supposed to start prep next year, I just don't think he's ready to do 5 full days. He lacks social maturity, has speech and frustartion/anger problems, still has a daytime sleep and would be the youngest there (part of the propblem I'm sure).

I spoke to his pre-prep teacher - he currently does 2 days 9.30 to 2.30, with a nap. She thinks he'll be ok after a while (perhaps not till year 2!), even with some of the issues above. She's saying he's too bright to be held back, and he is bright and has a great memory, but I think that makes it all the more concerning.

Has anyone taken on the system in QLD to get a child to repeat pre-prep or start prep a year later? What do I need to do?

Brissie mum 5 & 2 y.o munchkins & 1 due

I don't know much about it, but prep isnt complusort is it. So if you don't think he's ready don't send him. Or give it a go and pull him out if its not working. He might surprise you?

No prep is not compulsary as such, but if you don't do it they send them straight to year 1.

He's the kind of kid that if he starts, and doesn't mix or take to it that's it. He also has anxiety issues, so if he has trouble, all that starts up again. He'll just be 4.5 when he starts, just so young.

Brissie mum 5 & 2 y.o munchkins & 1 due

I'd just wait a year then. Preps only been around a year or have been going straight into year one for yonks. Can you start him at 5? Or does it have to be at 4.5? The extra 6 months might make all the difference.
I am considering the sam ething, my boy is due to start 2009, so next year will be the deciding factor for me. He seems bright in some ways and not others. He has 2 older siblings, like 5 years older , so with everyday life skills and things hes ok, but it is worrying me that he will not cope with the 5 days as well, but then if i don't send him to prep i doubt he will even be ready for grade 1, actually i think he will be less ready for that than prep. I think i will just wait another 6 months and maybe do some sight word and things with him and see how he goes and also ask his daycare teacher what she thinks. Its all to hard isn't it, you want them to be with their own age group but you don't want to push them if they are not ready either..
It is such a hard thing to decide, but I have decided that
I'm going to push for him to offically repeat pre-prep program with C & K, and start prep one year later. I'm already planning excursions we can do to develop interests instead of over preparing him for prep.

Although his teacher feels he'd be 'OK' and he probably would, he's still young, and has a little social maturing to do. It's not what he knows, it's his school readiness, wanting to try and write, sitting quietly, making friends instead of playing with anyone, the way he paints or draws and the detail or story in them.

The extra 6-12 months at home will do him the world of good, to be able to sit in a classroom for extened periods, to play happily instead of seeking out the silly/clown behavour and being able to articulate more clearly are the biggest things I can see for him. There's also being just that little bit older in year 11 and 12, has to be easier to be 17 instead of 16 in year 12.

I've looked at 2 other boys in similar months (May and June) and personality, their families say the 1st six months was really hard on everyone, they couldn't do any extra stuff after school, such as swimming lessons, and weekends often were just catch up/rest time for the kids. Both at different schools, they tend to be the disruptions in classes. The last term was better, but still the kids struggle, one's going to repeat prep, one might repeat 1st grade if he struggles with it next year.

I feel if your child's going to be one of the younger ones compare your child to the 5y.olds, are they similar in social aspects? -knowlege comes at school, but if they're not able to sit, they can't learn.

My school is luckily quiet helpful, but would rather see him repeat prep if needed, which I think is worse for my son (he doesn't move on from friendships well, too long a memory).

I think Mum's are the best judges, talk to as many people as you can, but if you're in doubt, keep him at home, you are the best expert on your son. Good luck with your boys.

Brissie mum 5 & 2 y.o munchkins & 1 due

For anyone who wants to know, there are 2 ways to delay starting prep;

1. If your child goes to pre-prep or kindy, you can offically apply to have them repeat, then all else just follows on a year later as usuall.

2. You can go to your intended school and have them approve to delay prep year, so they don't miss it all together as queensland education defaults to putting kids in the age & year line as though they have been there from the start.

Of course you can also repeat prep (between you and the school) or not do prep at all and go to year 1. Some public schools are flexible and allow you to build up the days from 3 to 5 during the first term or so in the prep year as well.

Brissie mum 5 & 2 y.o munchkins & 1 due

I have a friend who was young in QLD and then moved here and ended up being the youngest in the class by several months ie. turned 6 November of year 1. She has always been behind in all areas and really should have repeated at some point. She always struggled with concepts at school, hit purberty a lot later than others and was always less mature in general. If you do send your child to prep next year look out for signs of struggling as it can effect children all through school and make them repeat if neccessary.
my baby boy ethan starts prep 2008 and he is by far one of the youngest in the grade.....I wasn't sure if he was ready but so many ppl have said to me that the difference you see in them once they start you will never think twice about putting him in later....they just click to it. it is more hard for you than anyone else.....he will be ok, you have so much support and communication at schools, if the teacher thinks he should wait, they will tell you, these ppl get paid no matter what, they do what is in best interest of the child.....what school? my son is going to kurwongbah and i love it there, they are soooo nice


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