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I have just recently been told that my 7 year old has aspergers. I have always known that he was different than my other two kids. I am just wondering if anyone else child has aspergers. I would be very interested how it affects them and any hints to deal with the behaviour.
I don't know how to help but just wanted to say my DP has 2 brothers with aspergers and a nephew with autism - his 2 bro's lead a very normal happy life , married with lovely wives and beautiful children ! The only difference I have seen is they are more withdrawn in company - 1 brother is more afflicted then the other and took basically 1 1/2 years to finally look at me and talk to me but the other one I didn't even know he had it !

Hope you can find some answers XX

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

I can't really give you much advice except that you need to be very patient and persistant.

My god mother has 2 nephews that have Aspergers, both are boys, very similar in age.

One is doing very well, the other not so well. I know that there are varying degrees between kids, but their differences come down to their parents.

One of the boys is toilet trained. His dad sat with him at night for months on end to toilet train him. They would sit for hours, playing games and doing all sorts of activities. As soon as he did a wee or a poo there would be heaps of praise and out they would both come. Although he said it was really hard it was worth it. The other boy, well, his mother doesn't even try anymore and just puts pull ups on him! She can't be bothered.

The same sort of differences can be seen between both of the boys. The one who isn't progressing was at my sisters party on Saturday night.

He was out of control. Everyone kept pulling him up for his bad behaviour and his mother sat back and did nothing! He could have walked off and got lost without her even realising. He was in a strange area and it was dark.... and she didn't even care.

Anyway. I am sure that there are lots of other mums out there that can give you some good advice.

If you don't get much in the way of replies her, just repost it in the General Discussion section stating that you didn't have enough responses in the other section.

Best of luck.
Hey there,

Im not much help at the moment but my 3yr old is showing traits of it!

What made you relise there was a prob, and what r your sons symptoms!

I'm in a similar boat, although my son has just turned 6 and the Paediatrician wants to wait at least 6 months before making a diagnosis. At this stage, he has "Features of Aspergers." What are the main things your son is struggling with? My boy struggles with socialising and anxiety which is why we wanted to get help in the first place--he was getting a lot of headaches at school, the poor thing. He is also very sensitive to noise and lights and struggles with motor skills. He will be referred to a physio for that which is very assuring. Have you been given some website information? I found
(O.A.S.I.S) most helpful so far, especially for giving information to his teacher. At this stage I want advice from others as to what we should make a big deal of, and what we should just let go, accepting that he really struggles. For example, he finds assembly at school almost unbearable because of the noise. Tempted to let him skip it. Socially, he won't say "hi" or "hello" even to his friends. Thinking we should work on that one. I'm fortunate though; he is such a lovely kid and we don't really have any behaviour issues. Just a bit of uncooperativeness at school but I guess that's understandable.

I'd love to keep in touch.
I started to get concerned about my son when he was in year 1 at school regarding his ability to follow directions and how he was behaving with the other kids. I just thought that he would eventually settle in and get used to school.

His year 2 teacher has also got a son with aspergers and after many discussions with her, I went and got him assessed and they told me that he has got aspergers. It was a relief in a way as I finally realised it isnt totally my fault.

these are the problems that my son has in a classroom sitation:

experiences difficulties in group activities as he has trouble with following rules.

He gets easily distracted

often loses his belongings such as lunch boxes and drink bottles

He is immature next to his peers so he finds it very hard to be accepted by them. he is a very friendly kid and finds it distressing that they get frustrated with him.

He has to touch everything and gets in trouble for not sitting in his chair when asked to. He has got a fascination with things such as the white board at school and gets frustrated if the teacher does not allow him to draw on it.

He needs routine and gets quite frustrated if something is different in his routine.

he has poor motor skills.

My son seems to tune out and not listen to me when I talk to him. My other children do the same but only because they choose to. My son does not even realise you are talking to him. I have to get down to his level get him to look at me and then say what I need to.

He is alright in small groups but gets quite anxious when in large groups of kids if they are noisy.

I find it very hard when he does not understand when he has done or is doing samething that he shouldnt be doing. He looks at me with a confused look on his face.

I would really like to keep in touch as there is times that I would appreciate the extra support and I can give support to someone else when they have had a bad day.

all the best
I have a 4 year old boy with very mild form of autism, he was diagnosed at 22 months.He has been going to daycare since he was 21 months and is coming along in leaps and bounds.He says very little words and you can tell he wants to communicate, he can follow basic instructions, loves attention,he is very cuddly kid and if you ask him to give so and so a cuddle he will go up to them and give them a cuddle, he has got one little girl friend in his class that and they love playing with each other.He is toilet trained during day but we do get a few odd accidents and have to keep reminding me as he intends to forget.

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

I have to share that my son got a really good school report so his aspergers isnt holding him back to much, I am so proud. I could see that he is getting alot better and that confirmed it to me.

kiwigal01, he sounds like a really sweet boy, enjoy those cuddles.
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