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Hey i think i should be here,

I was posting in the general disscustions but i think they only have little ones.

Here is the dilema i have a 10 yr old and i dont know if it is the people i surround myself with but why does this age group mothers want to do nothing about brag about thier sons talents i was taught to eat humble pie and have taught my boys that! yeah i brag BUT to my mother and their granny not to any one that will listen.

sorry i have to get this of my chest.
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I understand totally. I am very picky whom I talk to at the childrens sport now and I am sick of hearing how wonderfully talented their children are compared to everyone elses. I have always taught my children that no matter what they are always individuals and should not compare themselves to anybody else and especially not if they are better at something. We all have our own strengths and though we maybe better at one thing they might be better at something we are not.

It is just the age group unfortunately. I find it more with DD age group then eldest DS but he is playing in an older age group at soccer now so mums are a bit better.

I just sit and talk or just ignore them all.

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thanks it great to hear im not imaginging it its really getting tome as i love to watch him compete i dont want to stay home cause of thes people! have they something in common insecurity , i love to chat to anyone but as soon as the bragging horns come out AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

but how do i stay friends but dont have thes dreadid conversations with them!
i have an 11 yo and a 9 yo (as well as the littlies) but i also can't stand it, lucky i have a group of friends that tell it like it is, if their child is doing well at something we all acknowledge it, but we are all not deluded into thinking that any one child is better than the other, we all have something we are good at, and at the end of the day, they can be just as miserable and rude as the nex tkid, but we still luv em. I would be hopeless in that situation, cause i could and would never boast about my kids, praise yes, and the same as you, but sometimes i think these parents are happy to let their kids live the dreams they never fulfilled.. If is ee kids doing well. I make sure i mention it the parents but i wouldn't if the parents jkeep going on about it.
im so glad i started this post now i feel soo much better , its not all sporting mothers that do this but the ones that do are like magnets to me , i,ll have to start wearing garlic around my neck to ward them away , but wait then everyone will run away phewwww lol.
I KNOW exactly what you mean....

Ive often wondered why I seem to attract these morons who do nothing but go on about their kids like I care.....

It got so bad at one stage I felt like getting a tshirt made saying

"I do NOT care what you think your child can do" or something like that LOL
yes your so wright lol come on lets get some tshirts made up lol
i get anoyed at the parents that think their children do nothing wrong!! And soccer is a bad place for the my son is so talented bit!!!

yes zpunkette your so wright , soccer is a place and i have school carnivals as well...LOL..
one day i was sitting in between two mums who were talking about how great their sons were and they were saying how in their class at school they were made to sit next to and buddy up with the naughty boy or an adhd child and how they were so disgusted that their children were put in that predicament, not realising that my eldest boy has asperger's!!(the naughty misunderstood kid of the class) and they made me sick, from that minute on i steered clear of them because that attitude stinks, so uneducated, life isn't perfect and nor are their kids!!
zpunkette that is so mean of those mothers. I bet you felt awful, some people are just like that they say things without thinking.

I am sure your son is very special in his own way. I have a friend who's son has Aspergers and they only just found out last year so they are still coming to terms with it.

I guess on the other side, my son is one of the brighter kids in the class but that doesn't mean we don't have struggles of our own to get through.

I do talk about my son because I am proud of him, but then I do ask for help if I need it also, say if there is something that we might not be doing right in parenting our kids. I don't think I would every say anything nasty about other kids especially if I didn't exactly know who I was talking to.

Recently one of the other children was bullying my son and I thought the best way to deal with it was not to start whinging about the child behind the parents/childs back but to go straight to the teacher first.

I think that is what the mohters you mention should have done, rather than whinge about it.
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