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Not sure if anyone can help me but I'm about to take my ex-husband thru court for spousal maintenance (similar to 'alimony' paid in America to the ex-wife). It's separate to csa/child maintenance and it helps you with your expenses, etc, and is more aimed at higher earning partners (my ex earns $200,000/year).
Just wondering if anyone has been thru the system for this, how they went, etc and any tips for me.

My ex is mean with his money and my lawyer tells me that this is the legal system now for him to pay spousal maintenance (normally paid in a lump sum & worked out as a weekly amount, say $200/wk until my youngest turns 5 as it'll be easier for me to work full-time then, as he's just turned 2yo) and its paid as part of the financial settlement in separation/divorce.

Anyone know of anyone maybe that went thru this...?

Thanks alot,
Jodie (Single Mum to 4yo Loch & 2yo Ryan)
[Edited on 29/08/2007]

Jodie, QLD & 2 gorgeous boys!

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