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Being a mum Rss

Hi All You Lovely Ladies Out There! I just wanted to write when I first had my little girl over ten months ago i was pretty scared and thought i cant do this i cant be a mum but now i wouldnt change it for the world! I love being a mum and hope that in years to come we have a good relationship. p.s Just found out im gonna be a mum again! So I have that excited/scared feeling going on at the moment

Wow, everyone on here seems to be getting preg again. Even making me clucky, and I've only ever wanted the one bub.
Congratulations!! all the best

I just had a baby 2 months age and in labour i was in so much pain i dun want to have another baby and 2months down the track i cant wait till my bub gets a bit older to have another one.

Ps i really wanted a girl...

Hi Zoe2007 Yeah its weird i didnt think i would have another one for a while after Maddi but here i am i just hope every thing with this pregnancy goes ok.
Hey gOrgeous, Thankyou. I so know what u mean after my 12 hr labour i said to everyone thats it no more babies but i guess u kinda forget the pain, well to a certain extent anyway. Take care
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