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Just wondering if anyone is considering or are studying at the momment?? I am pretty much 100% sure that I will be next year and thought it would be great to start a "support group" so that we can get each other going again when we think that family and uni are getting too much!!


Hi Ava1, I am defering for 6 mths I start Uni back in march doing my nursing I cant wait to be studing again. It was hard and i thought it was not for me but now when I am not studing all i want to do is study hehe. would love to keep in contact.

best wishes
hi ava1 im studying atm ive been doing a 2yr cake decorating course for wedding cake and special occasion cake , baby shower cakes etc its been bloody hard but im up to my last 6mnth then im finished and i can start to suss out my own buissness YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY but a support group would be awsome it would help as i know i hav stuggled and it would hav been nice to b able to vent to everyone here than whinge to my DF HEEHEHEHEHEH mwhhhhhhhhhhhhha gd luck with your idea

I started a cert 4 course and finish one semester and have to wait till bub is older maybe next year to finish doing part time. seem like a waste not finish what i started.

I start my uni prep courses soon.. i can't wait!!!!

I have missed using my brain so much.

Ky,Tristan 1year old


I started a uni prep course at the end of July thru Charles Darwin uni externally. I am hoping i can do nursing next year but i don't think it will be possible. if i am unable to do nursing i will be doing early childhood teaching instead.

I can always do nursing at a later date when my kids are alot older. the prac requirements are abit to difficult to fit into my life at present.

I will be doing either course thru CDU externally as where i live the nearest uni is in Perth 2.5 hours away...

Good luck to everyone studying..


Hi, well i'm thinking of doing a course either thru TAFE or Uni, but i'm 29 and think maybe i'm too old to be going back to uni or TAFE...

I just don't know if i want to continue in my current feild of occupation that is office admin and going on to do a marketing course or do primary teaching at uni??

Anyway with what ever i decide to do this thread will be great:-)
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Hi Hayley2,

I'm 27 and will be 28 when i hopefully enrol. Or even closer to 29 if i can't get in the first time around....


Hi Ava1
i am working 3 days a week and i am studying at the same time. It is a bit tricky to juggle some time however my husband is very supportive. i have found that it is good to use your brain again.. jo
Hi everyone,

I am 25, 39wks pregnant and have just started my masters. I have to say thank goodness I have something to fill my brain with, because I would be so bored right now! I managed to get ahead with my work, so I will be able to have a few wks off when I have bubba.

People who work at the uni were not overly helpful though when I hassled them about getting extensions and special circumstances. I had to fight!!! I also had to tell one woman that she couldn't discriminate against me becuase I was pregnant! LOL!!! Pregnancy has definitely made me feisty!!

Tahlia 9wks

I went back to uni this year after taking last semester of 2006 off (Em was born is July last year).
I only went back to doing 2 subjects first semester and this semester I am tackling 3 subjects.
I passed last semester which was the main thing....its hard work, finding time to do the readings was my downfall, do i sleep or do i read? had to do a few late nights to get assignments done. emily just wants to use the laptop too now days.
I miss being around her but in the same time i enjoy using my brain...
if you ever wanna chat PM...

Hi all, you can add me to the studying list, I am studying Nephrology and haemodialysis nursing through the Queen Elizabeth hospital in SA, next sememster i will be studying transplants and more dialysis stuff. It will give me an internationally recognised certificate and i can then go on to do my grad cert in dialysis and only need a couple of subjects to get it.

Im also working at the moment, work are great, they not only pay for the course, but they also pay me for one study day a week where i come in and help them for about and hour and then i can study for the rest of the day, i also have fortnightly teleconfrences with our lecturer at the QEH, I do have to stay in the unit for 18 months but thats ok, im really liking it there.

Im really glad that they give me those days, i must admit it is hard to study at home, there is always something else that needs doing, hubby is doing the SAHD thing now, but we will get there.

and i must admit, it is nice to be learning again, and there are only a handful of people at my work who can do what i do, which is cool
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