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I have to say has it changed alot since i had my 1st DS he is 12 now his birthday is 16.8.95.i was 18 when i had him and i look younger then my age and i never got dirty looks or talked down to.But i know it dose happen i know all you mums young or old keep your heads up are all great mum.
hey i know all those looks too well i fell pregnant at 15 with my first and 16 with the second and boy i hated the looks some times i just wanted to hit someone or say wats ur problem but i didnt cuz i thought y give them the satisfaction i mean its not like we're kids

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I have been reading the posts with interest. I have been on both ends of the scale, 1st child at 17yrs and now 41 and i have a 14mth old. Why does it matter what age a woman/girl is pregnant(though personally i think under 16 is not right,but it happens), as long as that baby is loved and cared for right then i dont think it matters and its nobody else,s business. There are risks in childbirth for all ages. When people give you those looks just hold your head high, your a mum and all good,loving, caring mums should be respected.


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