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Tell me about it.. im 19 well just turned 20 not too long ago so non of my friends have kids and i still have a few very supportive friend for the time being who knows when they are gonna get bored of me but some i have to detach myself from because they are clearly brainless one of my friends invited me to her 20th bday when i was pregnant to go CLUBBING like seriously who does that? im like trying to tel her when your pregnant you just dont do these things and i m suppose to be the that should feel bad for not going..

When you see things from their point of view you can go out so they stop inviting you, you no longer have interesting things to talk about because all you talk about is what is important to you which is your BUB and they cant relate. So the conversations gets more awkard and short and they number of time you contact them getter bigger and slowly they disappear...

some of my friends have been supportives comes around to see me every now and then well my son is only 2 months old so time will tell.. but i get annoy too cos when i talk to them its like they are just agreeing to what you say but cant relate and your boring them. its hard for me to go mother groups and places cos i dont drive and the baby seat is attached in my boyfriends mums car so to go anywhere i have to go with her..

if anyone want to chat add me on msn

It is a sad thing, but it seems to be a part of human nature to lose your so-called "friends" when you get pregnant. The ironic thing is, when they get pregnant many of those who ostracise you now will contact you and actually expect you to pick things up as if they'd never treated you that way! They don't actually see that they deserted you, rather, they seem to believe that they're still friends, just that they don't see you, or talk to you, or even think about you until they go through a similar experience.

If anyone is in the Penrith area, I'm more than open to making new friends - both adult friends for hubby and I, and kiddy friends for the ankle biters smile

well i fell pregnant at 17 wen i told my "friends" the first words that came from their mouths were are you goin to have an abortion? through my whole pregnacy 2 friends stuck by me one who fell pregnant shortly after me and another who is TTC... they are the only ones even though i go to a mothers group for teens mothers... but thats life everyone said you learn who your true friends are when you finish High Skool...WRONG its wen u fall pregnant but i havent learnt its not worth my trouble because my daughter is better then life it self its just a shame they dont relise
hi,i had or have exactly the same problem i had heaps of friends before i had my little boy he's 2 now and i still dont really see anyone except my mum,im only 24 and it would be nice to have some friends my own age and who knows where im coming from,but since ive had him ive become a hermit crab for some reason im not sure why,i had heaps of confidence before with people now im shy and unsure of myself,whats wrong with me?????

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It's nothing to do with you, bellee24, but more to do with people's inability to talk with people whose lives have moved in a slightly different direction than theirs. Unfortunately, not many 24 year olds have babies these days, which is sad, considering that's the best time to have offspring, IMO!

Try to find new friends, ones who can share some of your interests... perhaps other young mothers like yourself will be a good start?

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