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is it ok to change schools when child is continously left out and bullied Rss

I Was wondering if anyone had any advice or experiences about changing schools when your daughter is left out all the time and they all gang up on her and continuosly take friends of herwhen she starts to make them it has happened so many times and doesnt get better.I have spoken to principle and teacher and doesnt change.It happened again last week and that was it id had enough.I arranged for her to start Catholic school.She goes to public now.And have changed my mind 3 times since as people tell me i am only running away from the problem.But feel ther is no light at the end of the tunnel where she is at.I am so stressed about it and dont know what to do.Has this happened to anyone would like to chat to you

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Hey there brianna.

I think that you should go with your instincts. If you believe that it would be best for your child to change schools due to the situation go for it. My nephue was accused of physically abusing a little girl last year, How ever the day that this happened he was off sick but that didn't matter he was acuesed of this. He was also punished for this so we as a family agreed with my brother and his partner that they should change the childs school.

Since changing to the new school he has only been in trouble once, and that was his fault and he owned up to misbehaving. While the little girl at the other school has now been excluded as she has accused many more students for things that have not happened. Unfortunetly due to her constant faulse accusations I have to wonder what would happen if something had really happened would she be believed or would they think that it was just another story.

little monkeys

If talking to the principle and teacher haven't helped I would contact your state's education department to seek professional advice but only as a last measure. Sometimes it takes a little more from higher places to get things sorted. I would keep a record of events as well.

Have these children been spoken too about their behaviour?? Have the parents of these children been informed about what is happening at the school?? Mediation?? Ask these questions and press further.

If all else fails then move your daughter, school should be an enjoyable place for your children to be and must be hard as a parent knowing that your baby is going thru this harrassment. You child should not be made to move, she has a right to be there as much as the others.

Have a look at this website that I got the below quote from, you may find it very informative.

"We all have the right to learn in a safe and supportive school environment that values diversity - an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence.

We all have the right to be treated with fairness and dignity.

We all have a responsibility to keep others safe and to treat them in the same way - with fairness, dignity and respect."


My now 8 year old has had issues since starting school. He was bullied in Kindy which was promptly sorted out then last year when he was in year 1 we had to transfer him a month before school ended as we had to shift house.

Well since transferring him in that last month, he was picked on, bullied,had his school bag hidden and in the last week of school was beaten up by two kids in his class. They cornered him in the toilet.

These two boys had the run of the school and they were only in year 1. The principal couldn't give a stuff and his teacher was scared (i think) of these two boys. They used to go crazy in the class and throw things around including the furniture, throw things at the teacher....

This year he has had some problems with these boys but the school had a change of principal who actuall had the balls to start suspending these kids and cracking down on them. The family has since moved three towns away because "the kids kept getting into trouble".

We have found out recently as Mitchell does have behavour problems, that his teacher is too "soft" on the some of the more independant kids. Mitty is his own person.

But i personally think it is because of the way these kids have behaved. If we could of changed schools (we live in a small town) we would of. It's not fair on the child and it is also very upsetting as a parent.

I would be contacting the education department as there is a duty of care for schools to provide a safe, secure environment for children. We had to do that with what happened to Mitty. And we made the school well aware that we were contacting the ed. dept. and that if things didn't chnage we would lay formal complaints against the school.

I would also like to know what is happening to these other kids when this is happening, are they being allowed to get away with it? Are the parents well aware of what is going on? What strategies are in place to deal with this behaviour? Have you sat in on the class to see for yourself what is happening? To see how the teacher handles it all?

In my daughter's year 1 class the kids are constantly moved around to stop them from forming their little groups. The girls especially as they can be quite the little cows. It seems to work. There are a couple of girls in the class that are a bit high and mighty but i think it's closely watched.

I don't think you are running away, you are trying to do what is best for your child, that is what being a good parent is all about. Your daughter needs to be happy at school to learn properly. And she needs a happy mummy too...

Hope i've helped....

Hi Brianna, we are doing the exact same thing for the exact same reason and our boy is to going to a Catholic School, HOWEVER, we have told our 11 year old that there are things he needs to change in himself (as he is not blameless in this, dont get the wrong idea here, the situation he is in is sometimes bought on by his reactions at school). How old is your girl?

I say go for it............... Naomi
well you sould talk to your daughter and ask what she would like to and what ever she decides to do you will back her up in her decsion. how old is your daughter it would be very hard on your daughter at school and stressful you just have to be there if she wants to talk of cause the teachers and the principle wont do anything.

if you like to talk i have msn
Hi Brianna, changing schools for a positive reason is fine, but if it happens at the new school you can't run again. You can do things for your daughter like to make sure she has a real love for herself and the confidence to handle a little conflict if it happens again. Why not try things like marshall arts a great confidence boost..learn self respect and disipline, also if she is into sport join a club or maybe even drama/dance. She may be able to make new friends out of school, there might even be some kids from her school that she can form friendships with, without others influencing the situation. she needs to have the confidence to be able to handle "some" peer conflict. This will make her stronger for when she has to go into the job the cattiness that grown ups are capable of if pretty pathetic!!!


my daughter was bullied that much she was hurting her self so she didnt have to go to school sad for a 6 year old isnt it the school wouldnt do anything about we changed schools with her its stopped the bullying and shes picked up heaps almost back to her self again


hi there my son is being picked on all the time and they have this big bully program about bullying at school it dose nothing so i had a big talk to the teachers and the good 4 nothing principle and they didn't seem to care . my son has even told me that the teachers pick on him and even make jocks with the other kids about him. then i have another son who is mr popular and mates with there other kids that pick on him and he pick on him 2 . so i'v been thinking about moving them but the only thing is they go to a catholic school and the only other school is public and they don't do catholic ed there i think i'm just going to go up to the school and tell them if they don't do something about it i'm just going to go to school with him every day and go to class with him and play too . do u think they will do something about it then i bet u they do so try that i will and i let u no how it gos. peta

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