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A little tension in my head.. Lock Rss

Hi Dear! How are you all doing? Well, I am just back now from a week off. Now, I am back on the forum. So, I am undergoing an IVF; as you all know. But, I am also a little over-excited about it. Actually, I just read a few side-effects and it's really a problem now. They are not getting off from my head. I really need to chill. But, it's making me stressful now. I am even getting a little depressed now...Oh, God! Help me! Have anyone been there?
Hey, Sarah, I hope you're doing good. For the treatment, you're undergoing it is really important that you're not stressed. As that is really something which can deter your problem. Just don't read the negative aspect of IVF as for now. As I am sure it will go pretty well I remember the clinic you mentioned earlier does an amazing job at IVF. Therefore, dont get worried and hope for the best. Positivity should be something that is really important in this process. Best of luck hoping for the best.
Hi. Relax. Good energy makes a huge difference. And negativity does too. So you need to chill. Feel good about this. Your IVF will work. Don't worry okay? Can I ask which clinic are you going to for this?
Sarah Willy Chadwick, we are happy to see you again over here. I was missing your presence. And also the useful tips that you ever gave to us. But now see you are back. If This treatment has pros, then it also has benefits of it. you cannot deny their side effects. Most important which scared me is OHSS. I am so worried about this. This also creates your breast tenderness or swelling around the area. When you feel scared about this you should think about the success rate of IVF. It will give you a baby. babies who are born in the result of Ivf are normal. Their weight is also as the desired weight of normal babies. Never make your stamina so weak. You are strong enough to go. Hope for the best. smile
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