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Hi mummies,
I have a beautiful 5 month old baby, but I am finding I am going stir crazy at home, after leaving full time employment. I live in rural QLD and have tried mother's groups, etc. Unfortunately I am finding I don't have a lot in common with the other mothers (unemployed, uneducated, single, etc).

I remember those days. Don't worry, soon your precious will make sure, you're totally occupied with his needs. Until then, I would start reading more books, or do some craft jewelry, if you feel more inspired. Pinterest is full of awesome ideas for DIY activities.
My bub is 10 months and im in the same boat, nothing to do with my life to the point i have even given up on the cleaning to a cirtain point, and my bub is teething so his been crying alot his eather asleep, crying or being fed what are we ment to do with our life to keep it exciting? (Nothing) because we have to do every thing with a baby, people say we have it easy qnd can just sit around on our bumbs all day in front of the tv but honestly it drives us crazy
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