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I am new here, not too sure how everything works. And being 'new' here has a double meaning, I guess. Because I'm new to the forum, and a new to being pregnant. I am 9 weeks today, coping well with the symptoms....except...well that's just it... I am coping well...ALONE!

ME! Just ME! Not exactly what I planned, and not much more anyone else can do. But I guess I am just looking for some support.

Any other young, single mothers or soon-to-be mothers here?
I am 22. I guess that is sort of young...
Charlottes Bio father and i split up when i was 12 weeks pregnant, (we had only been together about 6 months) and i had to make the decision that was best for her... that decision was not to raise her in an environment of a violent drunk.

I went through alot of pregnancy alone - and stuck my head in the sand a but.

my ex (that i was with for 4 years before her father) got back in touch and have since very happily settled down again. I guess i cant say to much for being a single parent, but i was a single pregnant lady for a while if that helps?

Awww... I did not expect to get this much soon!

All the replies help. Thank you so much. Now I might cry (partly due to the hormones as well.)

I think that at this point, my fiance ( that is OFF!) is scared and consumed with wanting to provide, so he has distanced himself.

It is early to tell, if that means he is gone for good, or just adjusting. I just can't figure it out.

And its his 'distance' that worries me...terrifies me! Being a single, pregnant lady and/or single mommy is nowhere near my hopes and dreams.
Welcome to Huggies.

Im 20 myself, 23 weeks pregnant today and looking at being a single mum... Just depends whether he keeps being helpful, supportive... or goes back to wanting nothing to do with us.

I never dreamed Id be facing this situation either but dont worry about it too much, you will get through it. Its amazing how well we can handle whatever life throws at us and how easily we can adapt to change.

Welcome to Huggies and congrats on your pregnancy! smile

I'm not young or single either, but I know you'll get lots of advice and support from all of us here.
Cheri_SweetHeart wrote:
I am 22. I guess that is sort of young...

Welcome doll xo

and damn straight were young and sexy mummys wink

Huggies is a great place you will find lots of supportive mummys smile

Congrats with your pregnancy.

Welcome to huggies. I had my first at 21 although did not do it alone. One of my good friends is a single mum and has been since her little one was born, it is hard work but she does an amazing job.

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Welcome to huggies! Everyone here is so lovely and helpful.

Good luck with your pregnancy smile

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find some other single expecting mums around smile

Forever, for always and no matter what

Welcome on board the Huggies forum smile
I'm a young pregnant single mum myself. I'm only 22 and I have a 3.5yr old son, a 2yr old daughter and I'm 28+4 weeks pregnant (due in February!) smile
It's hard work n can be scary but trust me u will be ok xx it's the most rewarding job in the world even if u go it alone!! *hugs* look forward to seeing u around the forum! Xx

Welcome smile

Im not single, but Im expecting my first in March. This forum is great for support!!

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