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Jeans for genes- win a Jeanswest prize pack! Lock Rss

With Jeans for Genes Day fast approaching, Sarah looks at how you can help and holds a giveaway!

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I hope that I have passed on the ability to my 2 gorgeous boys to love someone as much as I love them, and I also love that my eldest son has my hubbys beautiful golden eyes and my youngest has my blue eyes smile
I hope to have passed on my kindness towards everyone.
I hope that i have passed on my dimple as every comments on it when i smile. My first born is 8 weeks old and cant wait to find out little things like that. For now its just amazing watching him grow into his own.
I love that my daughter has my blue eyes and thick curly hair. I hope I have passed on my listening and empathy abilities to her. I also hope our bub due in Oct has my husbands brown eyes, dark features and caring personality.
My sense of humour. I see the funny side of things which keeps life a lot 'lighter' and I come out with great one liners. I am awesomely funny! Even if it's only me that thinks so =)
Enthusiasm for life. I never hesitate to do things that i want to do or try. I just dive in with the attitude of enjoying life now for what it is and be excited of what there is to explore. I really hope my 3 children inherited these genes of mine and enjoy life as much as i do.
I hope my boys have my husbands humility...
I hope my daughter gets my confidence and independance
I hope my kids get my hubby's thick wavy hair.
i wanted my daughter to have my dimples, but no luck there. She is a spitting image of her handsome dad. But i hope she grows up to be honest & loving like her mummy!!
Like both her mummy & daddy, Kaylee has blonde as blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, I couldn't have hoped for a better trait for her to have. smile
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