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After being a first aider on the scene of an accident recently, Sarah reflects on the benefits of the training.

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I think a first aid course should be a must for all parents, i myself had the unfortunate experience of my little boy (2 year old at the time) walking in front of a friends 12 yr old child on a swing at the park and getting knocked over, landing awkward and breaking his arm! His father was supervising him and he looked away for a few seconds to another child that had called out to him and it happened that quickly, i was calm and focused on trying to ease my child and settle him whilst waiting for the ambulance i really think if i hadn't done my first aid i probley would have been a hysterical mess and no use to him at all as it was not a nice sight to see and go through! I done my first aid course through employment and it has been a valuable asset with having children, useful through cuts and scrapes to split heads and broken bones, even burns & not only my children but friends and family's aswell, it would be good if the government bought in a subsidised course for parents so more parents would do it and be well prepared for accidents or circumstances that arise!
It is fantastic that you are encouraging first aid for new parents and I would hope some of the older parents as well.
I just followed the links that you provided in your article and wanted to bring your attention to some newer information available from the ARC. The information that is supplied by the St Johns link is unfortunately no longer current and reflects why it is important to go to the correct source when Quoting what could be misleading.
It is also important to realise that you dont need to acknowledge anyone or state that this could have cost money as it is offered free of charge by the ARC without the reservations found through St John's. anyway here is the link and I hope that you and your parents are able to use this as a beginning of understanding of the correct method:)
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This would be a really tough situation for the mother as well as for the child. After reading assignment help for me article today I’m also feeling that first aid course could be really fruitful in such situations. May God heal that kid sooner.
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