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Getting fit: starting tomorrow Rss

After a nasty dose of flu, Sarah tries to figure out how to build up her fitness again. Advice welcome!

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Hi Sarah.

Id love to start tomorrow aswell. I so want to loose all of this post baby weight and id like to get down to a healthy weight as i am the heaviest that i have been EVER.

I live in the tropics so it is a nice temp to work out in but it hasn't stoped raining for the last few days. any tips.

Good luck.

Being on your feet all day with the bub and other commitments are already activities in itself. That's why I really hate it when people say to me, I need to be more active! More what?

There are a couple of simple exercises that you can do at home which are not demanding: planks while watching TV is good for the thighs and arms, a bit of wall push ups, crunches. And one trick that my late svelte grandmother taught me (and I wish I listened to her), which surprisingly my obstetrician also told me recently is not to let the tummy all hang out. Practice pulling your stomach in and breathing normally - 5 seconds at a time until you can do it for longer periods. You can do this while washing the dishes.

If all else fail, I'll check out the new freezing the fat technology -- budget permitting smile
I'm also the heaviest I've ever been- I hate it!! Will start tomorrow too.. again.. lol
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