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Do you struggle to find time to care for your skin while juggling family, work and everything else? Me too. What happened when I got offered some skincare advice.

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Mother of three and have always returned back to work four months after having the baby. Would I have liked to stay at home longer? probably. But I need to earn as well, we're not in the 50s anymore.

Big age gaps between my children, and the eldest is now 14. All three have gone through childcare -- it's the youngest's turn now as he's only still 2. Do I feel guilty putting them in care? Nope -- boys are well, adjusted, doing well at school and not milling around.

Am I exhausted? absolutely! Am I carrying extra weight around my waist that i so want to magically disappear? absolutely? But do I look haggard? absolutely not.

Bottom line, regardless how much commitments we have, we need to look after ourselves. I'm 43, I haven't had botox -- and hopefully will not need one for a long time. I have clear skin though I have a simple routine which is simply washing my face with soap (yes, soap! someone would raise an eyebrow with this), but I moisturize, face, neck and decolletage morning and night.

My grandmother who had 6 kids and was a fulltime working woman juggling her job at her pharmacy and lecturing at night, once told me -- take time to look good, for yourself, not just for your hubby, but most importantly for yourself. The key to self esteem is how we feel about ourselves, and how we see ourselves. I like to see a glowing me when I look in the mirror.

So yes, my day starts at 6am packing up lunchboxes, changing nappies, dropping off kids at school and a bub at childcare, then off to work, keeping a mental checklist at the end of the day what we may have in the pantry or in the fridge that I can whip up for dinner, and the day doesn't end till late at night after the kids have gone to bed and the kitchen's done. And I've simply forgotten what a long undisturbed night sleep is like. I haven't had that for a long time.

So once in a while, I go for a full body massage during my lunch hour instead of eating lunch. I reckon I deserve that. I go and have my eyebrows shaped -- it makes me feel good. And when I have saved enough I'll go for a facial -- I deserve that too.

To other mothers, don't forget about yourselves. Botox is not the answer but could be later on if we don't look after ourselves. But start with looking after your skin. Don't let the sleep depravation take the better of us. Or the nappy changes. Or the number of lunch boxes we have to make -- there's plenty more to do and you'll lose count.

Don't fall into the trap of "I have better things to do that's why I look this way". I hear you. I do as well. We all age, but let's age gracefully. And if botox is the answer, why not? I certainly want to look at a glowing me when I face the mirror.

Keeping the need for botox at bay for a long, long time and probably never needing it, starts with simple things. Moisturize: morning and night.
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