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4 month old baby and Im still not healed Rss

Hi ladies, if anyone can help i would really appreciate it. I had a vb with both my boys ds1 and ds2 now 4 months and im still not healed, i only grazed and didn't need stitches. with ds1 the doc said it can take up to a year to heal (had a few stitches with him) she also said once i stopped breastfeeding and went back onto the normal pill, i might heal quicker. which i did. now my ds2 is 4 months and i don't want to stop breastfeeding just so i can heal quicker but there must be something else i can do??

i would have another chat to your GP or maybe get an opinion from a gynocologist.

I had a graze that didnt require stitches and i healed within a few weeks.
I also breastfed, and still do now 17 months later.

There might be something going on down there that needs looking at. Perhaps some kind of ointment or medication to help things along.

I hope you get better soon!
I too had a tear and a graze to which they stitched both. The midwife told me that the grazes can take much longer to heal and can cause much more grief than actual tears - therefore better to just stitch them too! I healed quite quickly. You may need to consult with your GP
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