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Can you REALLY love a child that is not biologically yours? Rss

I have a 16 month old and im with a man who came into the picture when my daughter was a month old. He sais he loves my child as his own but if he has biological children it would be different which confuses me. This prompts me to ask the question: can a man REALLY love a child that is not biologically theirs? I would appreciate any opinion on the matter.
My df has taken on the daddy role of my 7 yr old was 4.5 at the time. He does love my son and I truely believe this, however we have since had a daughter together she is now 21 mths and I dont know if its an age thing or the sex of the child but sometimes I feel like he is harder on my son then he is on our daughter. He calls my son his son and will do anything for him. He takes him on daddy and son outings and goes bike riding ect with him but I guess I will always have that doubt in the back of my mind. HTH
I have a friend who is a stepdad and has his own child.

He said there is a difference in his feelings between his own child and his stepchild. He says it can't be helped. But ultimately he will do everything in his power to be a good Dad to both.

What more can you ask?

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if something isn't 100%yours you can't love it 100% as their is so many things that can have you losing it or have it taken away from you
somewhere in a arguement you know you are going to hear your not my dad anyway or your not my real dad
and their are outside influences pulling on the child on the paternal side
but you can love anothers child and it is part of loving the package that is your partner
he will love his own 100% and it will be more precious but he will not if he says he loves your son love him any less he just could not love him 100%

my father came into my life when i was six years old....
he then maried my mother and they had my little brother. even though im 20 now and have a little girl of my own im still my daddys girl even though my parents have been separated for four years and it doesnt matter what anyone says boys and girls are ALWAYS treated differently.....
my father loves his three children all the same!!!!
I think he could but i understand how it will be different. I have 2 stepkids whom i love dearly but my biological son has my heart. He is my flesh and blood and if i had to choose, i would choose him, no questions asked. Sorry to offend but thats just my opinion.

I have seen many people love a child that is not biologically theirs as if they were there own, and I really and truly take my hats off to these people. The difference with these people is they refer to their non-biological child as 'their' child rather than a 'step child'

I have also seen one too many people who admittedly don't and worse ... they favour their own biological children over their stepchild/ren.

I met my DP when I was 18 and he was 17, I had a 2 year old DD. From the begining he took my DD as his own as my ex wasnt a very stable dad to my DD.

My DP has never referred to DD as his "step daughter" or "my partners daughter" he does and always has said this is MY little girl or MY daughter. Alot of people wouldnt even guess she isnt his biological child...

My DD is 9 now and knows who her biological father is but wouldnt give him the time of day. A few times she has had the opportunity to go visit with him but she turns him down.

As far as my DD is concerned my DP is her Dad and always will be...

We now have a DS together and another on the way but his feelings for my DD have never changed... He treats her the exact same way as my DS.

I have so much respect for my DP to be 17 years old and take on the role of a father figure and now alomsy 8 years on still be there doing a great job!

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their are so many unselfish loving people out there who can take on others peoples responsibility and partners extras and this should always be commended and it is nice to that it is happening
as i said in an earlier post they will not love the step child any less but there is always a slight difference when it is your own
this can also manifest in a bad way as they may be harsher on their own in attempts to be fair
but it great to hear great stories about parents men and woman stepping up to the plate

my dad is a step dad to me and my youngest sister lauren, he loves as just as much as my sisters and brother that are his, we call him dad and he spends as much money and gives as much love to lauren as he can, when ever i need him he is always there, he was thrilled when he found out he was going to be a grandfather. i know alot of men wouldnt be as kind as my dad, but just because one man doesnt love a child because it's not his, doesnt mean every man is like that
Hi, when I met my Husband I had a 4 yr old boy(now9). He had 2 biological daughters who were 1 and 2, he also had a step daughter who was 7.5 yrs .They were with him full time.

I took on 3 step daughters and he took on a step son. So he had 2 step kids and I had 3 step kids.

I treated and loved these 3 girls as my own, and unfortunately my beautiful boy was put last(remember 2 of them were 1 and 2 and depended on me).

My DH would put his step daughter and daughters first and they were always treated better. He treated his step daughter like one of his own, as his daughters and step daughters got older, he got more and more wrapped around their little fingers, and "couldn't" see the c**p they were showing him or my self. He would let them get away with everything.

Now my son, who was struggling to feel like a part of the family was treated like c**p most of the time by DH. He would misbehave to get my attention and DH would yell the house down @ him.

For example; his step daughter would go into the kitchen without asking and open the fridge, he would ask her NICELY to go out of the kitchen, whereas if my son went into the kitchen and did the same thing he would get YELLED at asap to get out of the kitchen, I would ask DH why he would yell at my son the first time and ask his step daughter nicely the first time, he would tell me that he asked my son nicely numerous times before he yelled at him, my DH lied to me and we where in the same room when it happened(I would always observe the situation, and if I didn't like it I would say something), my son was copying his step sister and he got in trouble for it.

My son now has 3 brothers and the girls don't live with us or visit us, yes it is hard for him not to see them, but now none of the kids get treated so differently.

I feel that for my DH it is that he didn't have a good relationship with his father,so he is learning how to relate to the boys properly, my son still gets in trouble alot and has emotional issues.

He says that he loves my boy, and I really hope he does, I feel he has the chance to love him more and get to know him better because the girls aren't here.

I feel that he loves him, but not so much as his own,I'm confusing myself now, LOL.

Sorry for the rant, this is just what happened in my situation.


Thanks for everybody's reply to this post. I was always hesitant about having a child to another man in the fear my daughter will be treated differently, i have now come to the solid realization that i will not have another child as i don't want this happening, its sad but i guess there are more people out there that will not or cannot love a child that is biologically theirs differently. This saddens me but everyone has a right to feel whatever they want. I do believe there are people out there that can child that is not biological theirs as their own but they are rare to find. Once again thanks for your responses.
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