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Who does your child look like? And do other people's comments bother you? Rss

My mother in law annoys me SO MUCH!! She keeps on that every single thing my daughter does is just like her daddy! Like I have nothing to do with her genetic makeup! It upsets me so much! Plus everyone always says my daughter looks like her!! (Mil)!!! HELP!
Aw I wouldn't take it to heart- everyone wants to claim the gorgeous New baby is just like their side lol wait till she's naughty and let his side own that laugh a proud Grandma but I guess it would get annoying sad

I don't know how old your dd is but As your bubba gets older she will change in looks and temperament and they will speak for themselves. smile

I am guilty of doing something similar with my nephew - He just reminds me so much of my brother as a child. Chances are your MIL has no idea it upsets you when she says those things. I didn't consider it until I read your post and now I'm concerned I might be offending my SIL.

Try not to take it to heart. All 3 of my girls have been the spitting image of my DH when babies but the older they get the more of me people see in them.

Like TB says - She is most likely just a proud Grandma and more inclined to see her son in your lil one because she knew him as a bub.


"Sing like no one is listening, love like you have never been hurt, dance like no one is watching and live life like it's heaven on earth"

lol oh yes....totally understand. I have 2 girls and every single thing about them from their looks (even though they look totally different) to their interests, to their personalities they are all from dhs side. every. single. thing.
drives me craaaazyyyyyyy.....especially when its glaringly obvious its not!
Thank you all, it just makes me feel like my contribution to my daughter genetically is nothing! She looks nothing like me, and just like dh and very sad to say mil! It's like she just ignores me when I say things like 'I was like that too!,' I'm beginning to wonder where I am in there! I love my dh and that my daughter is like him! But I don't like feeling like I'm nothing to do with her make up when mil carries on about 'oh yes that's def dh!' 'He did that!' Grrrr, I know I'm winging about something so silly but I just want to scream sometimes!! She has no consideration to my feelings, I don't think she'd like it if someone did it to her so why do it to me! sad
My parents go on about our kids looking like me and my side of the family... Dhs family go on about them looking like dh and their side of the family!

The people I work with also say they look like me and they havn't met dh... And I assume dh gets the same.

It used to bother me a bit but I've gotten over it... None of the comments are consistent so I just go with people say stupid shit, whatever pops into their head and they've not given it much thought.

I think in regard to the family with this I've always felt like it was a way of claiming the kids as 'their' family members, which sucks because it makes you feel so excluded as the in law. I don't know what the answer is I've given up on getting on with both sides of our families!!

Hubby and I always kid around with each other teasing his mum, she ALWAYS says everything the DSs do is 'just like ******(DH)'.
It's like I don't get a look in. It's not just like DH either, everything they do is contributed to someone in her side of the family!! We just laugh at the comments now.
I guess that's the only family she has to compare them with though.

Aka G&L smile

My MIL does this too! DS has his own adorable look IMO...I have seen DH's baby pictures and there is no great resemblance. I'm expecting she'll do this with the next baby too...even if it is a dead ringer for me. I know she doesn't mean any harm so I just laugh it off wink
my daughter looks just like my partner and everyone always comments on it. The one thing is she isn't his bio logical daughter!!! but he loves the attention of it! =) This upsets me too, she suppose to look just like me but sadly no....
DS looks like his dad I don't see me in him at all and everyone including my family tell me he looks just like his father it frustrates the hell out of me I want him to have some resemblance to me
Bunny Rabbit & Little Flea wrote:
My mil does it too, and it bugs me so I know where you are coming from. It really took the cake when she announced that the red tinge in DS's hair comes from their side... My mum and I are both naturally auburn and they have no red heads in their family at all O.o
grin hahaha so typical!
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