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Cheating Rss

hay girls

has anyone found out there husband / partner was cheating on them and how and what did they dooo are they still togther

thanks tracey


If I found out my DH was cheating on me his bags would be on the kerb and vice versa ...

no not exaclty but a lil while ago my DF was paying soo much attention my so called best friends sister and my family were trying to split us up anyway and my family was threatning him and so on and we broke up and he stayed at this gals place and he says nothing happened and to this day says nothing happened so i dunno, but we stayed split up after that for a while! then we got back together as i had no proof and i really loved him btu if i found out now that something happened it would be over faster than he could say sorry

what do we clarfiy as cheating though !!!! i found out my husband has been talking to this female on the internet for two years and he told her he was single i even found out that he was ringing her she lives in scottland and we live in aus perth


Hi Trace thats a hard one, but I think I would clarify that as cheating. But I would b looking at why? Did he fess up or did you find out?

i consider cheating to be doing anything that you would not do with your partner right there next to you.

havent been in that situation and cant say what i would do, but i think talking to someone in another country online, although it is still deceiptful and lying, is not on the same level as having an emotional and physical relationship with someone in person.

but the fact he is going behind your back at all is a big warning sign that if he is willing to do that, what else is he doing. two years is a long time too
hay naomi

no he didnt fess up i found files on the computer and asked him about it he said he didnt know then our phone bill came in and i saw a odd number on there soo i rang it and a lady answered the phone and i asked her was her name magret coz that what the file name said and she said yes then she said whos this i said tracey do you know a david and she said yes then i said well im his wife and she said no david isnt married i said yes he is and he has a 6 month old baby and she said no he only has two kids which he has from a previous marriage ... then she said she had to go that she had to talk to him and this was her worst nightmare ....... i couldnt open up the files to see what sort of conversation they were having ... but he says they were just friends


I found out my first DH was cheating and i told him where to go,With my second husband i love and trust him but im always on the look out for clues if he is cheating, but if i found out he was talking to someone else for that long i would not trust him but we are all different.
It just makes you think what would he do if he did meet her.
and the thing i dont like is that he didnt even mention our son... and if they were just friends why did he not mention me ..and why did he have to ring her wasent the internet enough. i even found out because he works away on oil rig he was going to meet her for a coffe but told me that he was staying back at work ... then when i found all this out and she found out he called he decided he came home to work it out


well i would class cheating as anything that is in an intimate way, even talking in an intimate way, such as i want to be with you yada yada yada and of course the obvious physical stuff, and even just having a deeper emotional bond with another woman would make me break off the relationship as it would be the same as cheating to me!!

the fact that the other lady said this is her "worst nightmare" suggests that she is emotionally involved with your husband.
if they were just friends a)he would have told her about you and b)she would not care that he was married.

just my take on the situation anyhow

id be doing some serious talking with your husband.
and the thing is a caught him on the chat room before doing this and he promised me before we got married that he wouldnt do it he deleted that profile we are going to married 3 years on thursday . its just sad that you think you know someone and you dont


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