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hey people
this probably has nothing to do with this forum but looking for some opinions here.
my sister wanted to take my son down for the weekend to see his dad but i said no...(first time ever)...but apparaently because i said no she thinks i'm the biggest b**ch in the world & shouldn't have my kids....the only details she has been told about the whole him seeing his son arrangements are what him & his family have been telling her..(& so everyone knows...the last visit he had he was only supposed to have him for 3 son ended up coming home 6 weeks later)....nothing from my point of view...personally i think it has nothing to do with her...but i don't know whether i'm right or wrong on this one....any ideas??...i'm completely lost on this one...if i stick up for myself i'm the worst person in the world...but if i don't i have people walk all over me even my own family...any advice would be good....thanks in advance

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Well it has nothing to do with her so i think you have every right to say no. You and you bubs father are the only ones who know the full story so i think you should do what is best for ur bub.

If you dont want her thinking ur a b*%&h then its up to you if you wanna tell her the whole story or not.

Good luck.

Why is she even interfering? Why does she care so much for your childs father?

Your the mother and what ever the reason, your sister has NO say. The father is a different story, but I don't know the situation so can't comment on that.

It is YOUR child and YOUR choice, If you have said NO you shouldn't even have to explain yourself or your actions.
Remember some people will say and do anything to get their own way!
Ignore her and her comments.
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