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hi, i have a racing, thumping heart every now and then throughout the day. I saw my midwife about it and she referred me to the GP who said it was not because I'm pregnant and that I need to have an ECG to check it out...but I just have the feeling that it is my body adjusting to the higher amount of blood and the pressure of the uterus on my ribcage, it IS uncomfortable having these heart racings, but I would like to wait with doing an ECG til after the baby's here (Nov, wk 28 right now). Do you think I can wait or I should do the ECG?



Hi Franzi

i had to have a couple of ECG's when i was pregnant with my daughter last year because my GP thought there was a bit or an irregularity with my heart rate turned out there wasn't.

but is there a reason you dont want to do it now? as far as i am aware there is no risk to the bub if there was i would not have done it.

good luck with your pregnancy and i hope everything is ok with you too

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hey jessies mum, thank you, it is good to know that it is not really a big deal to do the ecg. The reason why I don't want to do it is because I think it is not necessary...I have the feeling that this is just my body adjusting to the baby and the growing uterus and the new amount of blood to pump through...That's why I would like to wait, I think it will go away after the baby's here.
But it might be better to do it to make sure I won't have a heart attack during labour or so, thank you


Hi Franzi,
Thank you for your enquiry. Your palpitations do need to be investigated and the ECG is a harmless test and will cause no discomfort to you or your baby. Palpitations are quite common in young women and can also occur in pregnancy due to hormonal changes but you need to get it checked.

Best wishes,

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