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Bicornuate uterus ( i have a bicornuate uterus) Rss


A bicornuate uterus or bicornate uterus, commonly referred to as a "heart-shaped" uterus, is a type of uterine malformation where two "horns" form at the upper part of the uterus.

Instead of the womb being pear-shaped, this type of uterus is looks more like a heart, with a deep indentation at the top. It is called a uterus with two horns, because of its shape.
It's thought that about 20 per cent of women with uterine abnormalities have a bicornuate uterus .

Your baby may not settle into the usual head-down position if your uterus is an unusual shape. He may get into a bottom-down, breech position, or a crossways, transverse position. This may happen if you have a bicornuate uterus. You will be offered a caesarean section, because this is thought to be the safest way for your baby to be born.
If you have a bicornuate uterus, it is perfectly possible to have a successful pregnancy. However, your waters may break early and you may go into premature labour.This is because there comes a point where there simply isn't enough room for your baby to grow any more. Over-stretching of your uterus triggers labour.


i have a bicornuate uterus. when i was pregnant with my first child it was revealed in my 20week scan that i had it. she was sitting in the left horn of my uterus. my pregnancy was classed as high risk so i had doctors visits every 2 weeks from 21 weeks. the pregnancy was going well right up till 32 weeks. I started to bleed really heavy and had to rush to hospital. 5 hours later i went into labour. they decided to take her out. she was born 8 weeks early and weighed 3pounds. she is now 8years and is healthy.

2years later i fell pregnant again. i was again classed as high risk pregnancy. this time round from 25weeks i was monitored closely every week with check ups and every 2nd week was book in for ultrasounds to check babies growth and fluids in the uterus. I had a mid-wife and a specialist. baby was also in the left side horn. at 38weeks i went in to labour as baby was stressed. they also decided to take her out by c-section. she weighed 6pounds.

6 years on and i have just given birth to my son. he also was in the left horn. the difference with this pregnancy was i was in australia. my two daughters were born in new zealand. i found it really frustrating here in australia as redcliffe hospital werent really educated on bicornuate uterus's. it doesnt help when you see a different doctor every two weeks and you have to explain your condition every time you go for a visit. baby was fine right up to 30weeks when my fluids started to reduce. after an ultra sound they sent me straight to a doctor to discuss options as they were concerned. i already knew that from here on i should be seen every week by a doctor with scans everyweek. one to monitor growthy and thee other for fluids. which after hours of waiting for a doctor to look at my chart, this was finally put in place. each week as i seen a different doctor, they seem to want to take my baby out earlier and earlier. my baby was fine. he was growing small just like my previous child but still in the 10percent range. thats what can be expected since there isnt much room to grow. So there was no way i was going to let them take him out before 38weeks unless something was wrong. (yet again they arnt educated on my condition) at 35 weeks on i had to have 3 CTG to monitor the heart rate a week. Not one of them were ab normal. at 38 weeks i was booked in for my c-section. he came out weight 6.7pounds and was healthy. instead of stitching me straight up. the surgeon was busy having a look around at my uterus and discussing it with other surgeons. that i found very annoying. and it clearly showed they were not familiar with my type of uterus.

so here is my advice to those who find out they have this type of uterus...... from 30 weeks onwards you do need to be monitored closely as there isnt much room for baby to grow. the growth and the fluids are what need to be monitored. if everything is fine, baby is best inside you rather than taken out early. so be weary of those doctors who will try take baby out early just because they have no clue. from 30weeks onwards, take it easy and i would suggest finishing up working if you are still working. because of your uterus you are classed as a high risk pregnancy.
Try to stay as relaxed as possible and keep busy to distract yourself.
Ask your midwife or doctor to explain clearly to you the signs of premature labour. Then if your baby starts coming too soon, you will know what is happening and can get to hospital quickly.
If at any time you feel that something is wrong, contact your midwife or doctor immediately. Don't worry about raising a false alarm.
and lastly if you can aford private rather than public. i highly recommend you go private. going public was my biggest mistake. at least with private you will have the same doctor each week to follow babies progress closely.

hope this helps
Oh that's so annoying that you had that issue. I also had a horrendous experience with Redcliffe and am currently siging up for private health care to make sure we go private with the next. My mum has this uterus and i was born at 28 weeks and i think i was in the left side to. She had her period all the way through her pregnancy cause the other side thought she wasn't pregnant so she had no idea she was pregnant till about 9 weeks. And yeah same thing with you didnt find out till her 20 week scan i think.
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