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Dr Brown bottles anyone?? Rss

Anyone using or used Dr Brown bottles???

FellowTraveller...Mum of Rajaani and Francesca

Yeah my boy has been using them since he was 6 weeks old, he is now just over four month old. The difference was amazing. It went along way in helping him keep his food down and keeping him settled (he used to chuck quite heavily after pretty much every feed!)... The only problem was finding them...I organised a search party to look for them and after much searching found a few in Fairfield and in Campbelltown. No one stocks them! If you are interested in trying them you might want to try Also Tommee Tippee make a similar bottle with the tube device. I found these at woollies. I prefer the Dr Brown bottle though as my little one didn't take to the Tommee teat and I also found they leaked a lot more. Hope this helps...
toys r us now stock the whole range of dr browns bottles.
Yeah, I've been using them for my son who's had severe reflux and colic since birth, and they've been great. As others have noted, however, the problem is FINDING them! I got mine second hand on Trade Me but desperately need some more advanced teats and also want to try the new feeding cup that's advertsied on US websites. We don't have a Toys R Us in Wellington - does anyone know of somewhere in Wgtn where they stock them, or a NZ mail order place? PLEASE HELP!
If you are trying to locate them use this link -

We use them and found them a god send for a very gassy baby! Even now at 11 months we are still using them in a combination of NAN 1HA and infacol.
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