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y baby is on Karicare Gold as well and he has really got a runny tummy.........I'm just wondering if there really is more to this Karicare Formula than what they are suggesting?
A label problem doesn't seem right.

I don't want to keep my baby on formula that no good for him??????????

Already one little busy boy, little sister on the

zan, ive bumped up my original thread about my concerns with the new karicare, theres some info in there, hope it helps
my 4 month old daughter who was given formula from 3 months (last month) and she was very windy and had bad runny poos. My 6 week old niece had the same problem with this formula.

I have now changed forumula (in consultation with my MCHN) to Nan gold HA 1.

I didin't want to finish the tin - even though I had gone through 2 tins with her. it just wasn't getting any better.

Ella''''''''s mum 3/3/07

I have always used Karicare with my 8 mth old daughter, but have recently changed to S26 Gold because of the dispute with the Gov with Karicare. No probs with the S26 so far.. knock on wood! It's also cheaper.
I just changed my baby to karicare gold follow on because I had him on S26 gold follow on and he was getting very blocked up with it. The Karicare hasn't upset my bubs tummy and he doesn't throw up anymore like he did on the S26.
Now I have just read all the posts on Karicare and am a bit concerned. What is wrong with karicare apart from the fact that it is giving your bubs the runs. I noticed some one said there is a dispute with the Gov???
Please help, is there something majorly wrong with it because if there is I would like to know so I can change my bub off it.
Thank You,
Please Help,

hi kellie anns mummy, i was freaked out also when i heard about it, but after alot of research i have decided to keep using it. if there was any safety issues the product would have been recalled. they are not saying it is not safe. there is an article on the food authority website you can read. hope this helps
Hello, I agree, i was also concerned after reading the threads as my daughter has been on Karicare for about a month and apart from the soft poos, has not had any other reactions. In fact she loves her milk and gets excited when she's sees her bottle. I also asked the nurse at baby clinic and she advised she has not heard of any problems and it is quite normal to have the soft poos as opposed to hard ones!
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