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Baby not drinking when awake Rss

My 6 months old daughter wants to have her milk (bottle feed) only when she is asleep. This means I am having to put her to sleep every time I feed her. When I try and feed her when she is awake she just plays with the teat and would not suck the milk at all. When tried harder she cries her lungs out, screams and will be in tears. I am guilty of trying to force feed her a few times but nothing works. I am having to literally rock her to sleep before every feed. It is very frustrating and tiring. We have spoken to our GP, MCH nurse and Lactation consultant but none of them take this seriously, they just look at my daughter and say Oh she is putting on weight and she looks healthy etc... not helpful at all!! I really need help.. I really wanna know if there is hope; will my daughter ever have her milk when awake? Any tips, suggestions would be much appreciated.
It's a common problem really. Your daughter is just not interested in eating. It is usual for big girls also. I often not into eating some food. You can try to do something only when eating. For example, sing a nice and lovely song that she likes.
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