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Best Bottles for Newborns Rss

Looking at buying some bottles with newborn teats (just in case) and was wondering what experience others have had eg. Avent vs Tommee Tippee.

Thanks smile
I think I bought both brands which were pretty much the same. The one mistake I made which I won't be doing again this time was that I bought all the smaller size bottles but you only end up using them for a month then you need to buy the bigger ones. This time I'm just getting the big ones.

DS is supplementing BF'ing on Avent Natural number 1 teats (newborn) and I agree, just buy the 260ml bottles. The 125mls small bottles only just lasted his 1st month, and I hardly ever use them now. I haven't tried any other brand as he was happy with the Philips Avent and is now 6 weeks and using the number 2 teats (1+ month) as well (but I recommend only using number 1 teats if you are still breastfeeding for slower flow)
The 4-in-1 steriliser is awesome too, it can sterilise 6 bottles and/or dummy and pump accessories really fast with a dishwasher cradle if you're lucky enough to have one for cleaning. It's got two trays and keeps the parts sterile for 24 hrs with the lid on, and saves space on the kitchentop, heaps less messy than the pot of boiling water smile
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