Hi everyone,

I am in desperate need of some advice. My DS has turned 1 and I have been solely bf during this time. Since he was 6mths I have been trying to wean him off and onto a bottle but with no avail. He has blatantly refused anything but the breast and now I have returned to work and he is at daycare the daycare staff are unable to provide him with any fluids during the day due to his absolute refusal of any fluids other than breast milk from the breast. I have tried expressing and giving it to him through a bottle / cup / etc but unless he takes it from the breast, he flat out refuses.

I have tried different bottles, cups, sippy cups, cups with straws, water bottles, rubber and plastic sippy cups - he refuses them all, screams hysterically, and would rather be dehydrated than drink. We have tried different brands of formula, cows milk, water, breast milk - all refused. I have worked out that if I put him in a rocker, hold him down and force it into him long enough, he accepts it and starts to drink but, obviously, I cannot expect daycare to do this every time he needs a drink.

We even tried just waiting it out - the theory if he gets thirsty enough, he will drink - but, he went a whole day without any fluids, dehydrated himself / dry nappies and still refused to drink anything (he is that stubborn!!) - I had to give in and bf him in the end. I have removed his midday bf but he will not replace it or take an alternative drink.

I am at my wits end - I must give up bf as it is starting to affect my health and because I am now back at work. He also has 8 teeth and has started biting me and has left marks so I am now increasingly nervous about bf. Can anyone help or give advice for my stubborn boy!?!?