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Breastfeeding beyond 12 months? Rss

Is it really that unusual? Dd3 has just turned 14 months and is still having at least one feed a day but lately I'm getting the impression from friends and family that I'm some sort of weirdo for still feeding her sad
After 3 babies I had become really comfortable about breastfeeding but suddenly I've started feeling like its not socially acceptable, a couple of my friends even went as far as saying it was "gross" .
So what I'm actually wondering is what is your honest opinion on it?
I say whatever feels right for you and your child.
My DD is 15 months old and still feeds around 3 times a day. I personally want to stop and have wanted to since she was about 8 months old but that's another story.

As long as you are comfortable and your DD still wants it, then who cares what others say.
I fed DD2 until 15months. At 13 months she was still having around 3 or 4 bf during the day. I plan on doing the same with DS. If you're both still enjoying it then don't worry what people think. There's always something they will have a go at.
Spud is 15 months and he still bf's a few times a day. lmao what am I saying? He's always attached. I have no idea how im going to wean him.

I get the impression sometimes when we're out and about and I feed him people are giving me a dirty look but I don't give a flying..... My family don't care. One of my friends gave me the impression she wasn't happy so I haven't invited her around since.

It has taken me three kids to be this confident bf in public (and even then I cant say im feeding him in public all the time. We prefer to feed in the parents room or move to a more private area of a café)Also- after three babies I have finally mastered the discreet feed.

My honest opinion is that friends that think it's "gross" are immature. She's one! She's still a baby. It's no different than giving a bottle. It's not like we have Jack Daniels and coke on tap in there. That would be gross.
No I think it's precious grin I'll admit with shame before children I did think seeing an older baby being breastfed was gross which is awful isn't it sad

I bf'd ds until 18months (he decided he'd had enough not me lol) and now I think it's unreal and can't wait to do it again! I copped alot of "are you STILL breastfeeding him?!" from family and friends lol I'd just say "what's it look like" wink didn't bother me, i enjoyed the bonding too much to care lol

I think it's great! smile I stopped feeding ds at around 15 months as he was having about half one side in the evening and that was it so I decided to give cows milk in a sippy cup instead, which worked for us.
I will admit that when I first had ds I went to a bf group and a lady fed her one year old and I was shocked! Lol smile I think if you haven't been there yourself then you find it strange to see, which may be where your friends are coming from.

I don't think so! I bf DS till 15month... I would of gone longer but he self weaned ( In saying that I would of stopped by 2 for sure, after that age its not for me).
I get some astonished looks sometimes when I tell people but all in all I get positive remarks about it rather than negative.
When I was pregnant I was totally against any longer than 6 months for me personally but that was due to my own ignorance and immaturity. After the battle we had to get established , when we finally got it sorted I really began to enjoy it and saw it for what it really was between myself and DS.
If it works for you and bubs so be it grin
It isn't super common, but I wouldn't call it unusual either at that age (and definitely not unusual physiologically), I think it becomes significantly less common as you approach 2 in Australia and I imagine NZ, despite the WHO recommendation that BF continues to at least two. I think the thing is, people talk about or display their discomfort or disgust, but don't say way to go Mumma if they think it is a good thing or aren't fussed either way. I think it is wonderful that you are BF at 14 months, but if I saw you I wouldn't make a comment unless it was to back you up if I heard someone having a go.

As far as my own family goes, I believe in BF to at least two, and as far beyond that as the child desires. My eldest is three and has not elected to wean so far, but expect she probably will sometime in the next year or so. I have had negative comments from friends, and support from others (sometimes those one would least expect), I am confident I am doing what is in my children's best interest, so try to let it go. smile

I feed DD2 until she was 15 months. She wasn't ready to stop but I needed to for my own reasons. Don't let others impressions stop you from doing what right for you and your kids.
For my family extended feeding is normal. I fed DD1 until she self weaned at 19 months, DS fed until he was 2yrs and 4 or 5 months (I was about 4 months pregnant with DD2 when he self weaned) and DD2 is still going strong with feeding at 15 months. She tends to have a feed in the morning and then one in the evening but then at least one or two over night so most people wouldn't realise I was still feeding her. Having said that, if we're out and about and she wants a feed I won't deny her just because it's not a 'normal' time that she wants a feed. My sister's son self weaned when she was about 3 or 4 months pregnant so he would have been about 2 and my other sister's son has just stopped in the last little while (he's 2 months older than DD2, so probably when he was about 15-16 months).

14 months is still little! I know quite a few people who have breastfed for longer than that.
I breastfed DS until just over 2.

Sorry to hear your friends aren't being supportive sad

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

I fed DD until 11.5 months and DS until 14 months. As long as you are comfortable I wouldn't be too worried smile

Like Tallulah I thought pre kids once a baby was 12 months that was it. But now I really don't think anything of it. For us it worked to do what we did. Both times we had a wedding or something and had to leave kids with my parents and so were trying to get rid of that last night feed before bedtime.
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