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Hay, so my son is 13 months old and I am currently pregnant with my second (a girl), due in July smile My boy was fully breastfed until he self-weaned around two or three weeks ago, and I intend on doing the same with baby number two. My question is, has anyone ever had a fully weaned older child try take it up again when watching a younger sibling feed? I'm a little worried that if he was to watch me feeding another baby he might get jealous and decide he wants some too lol. If anyone has experienced this how did you deal with it? He will be around 17 months old. TIA smile
I can promise you - with confidence - that very soon after weaning (like about 2 weeks) little ones don't even remember that they ever fed from you. Very sad but true - unless they are over three and then they remember! At his age, he will have no memory, and he will probably take very little notice at all of you breatfeeding your next one. Don't worry - been through that 3 times and never had a child remember, or want to feed again.
I have a 17 month old DS and a 1 month old DD and he hasn't showed any interest in going back on the boob since he has seen me breastfeeding. He will sit next to me and poke my boob while I'm feeding but that is about it.
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